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North-South Railway Connection

On December 24, 1872, a Missouri, Kansas & Texas (Katy) Railroad train carrying 100 passengers arrived here in the newly established railroad town of Denison. Its arrival marked the culmination of years of effort by the Katy to construct a rail line from the border of Kansas and the Indian Territory....

Historical Marker - Denison.

Cold Springs Log Cabin School

Pioneers, who were camped near a spring on property of William S. Reeves (1794-1879) while waiting for their land grants, built this one-room schoolhouse about 1855. The leader of the group was William L. Holder (1820-1876), who migrated to Grayson County from Missouri. His son Clinton L. (1845-1897....

Historical Marker - Denison.

Coffman Cemetery

While David Harman Coffman (1827-1888) served in the Confederate army during the Civil War (1861-1865), his wife Harriet (Jones) and four sons came to North Texas from Missouri. After the war David joined the family and they bought this land. Although the earliest marked grave was dated 1867, the Co....

Historical Marker - Denison.

Carpenters Bluff Bridge

"Carpenters Bluff Bridge Originally built as a railroad bridge for the Missouri, Oklahoma and Gulf (MO&G) Line, this landmark structure across the Red River continues to provide a transportation route between Grayson County, Texas, and Bryan County, Oklahoma. MO&G officials determined they needed a ....

Historical Marker - Denison.

Good Hope Cemetery

Attracted to the area by its fertile soil, good water supply, and abundant building materials, pioneers from Tennessee, Missouri, Georgia, Arkansas, and Wisconsin settled here in the 1850s. Their colony, located on the Ben Rue Survey, was first known as the Rue Settlement. Members of the Rue family ....

Historical Marker - Denton.

Corinth Shiloh Cemetery

Physician and lay preacher Thomas A. Ball and his wife, Nancy (Yeats), came to Denton County from Missouri soon after the Civil War ended in 1865. They settled with their family on land that would become the community of Corinth. The Ball family donated land already in use as a graveyard to the Prim....

Historical Marker - Denton.

Dew Cemetery

The first families in this community migrated from Alabama i the 1850s. Originally known as Avant or Avant Prairie, the settlement became Sunshine after the Sunshine Methodist Church moved here from Harrison Chapel in 1870. In 1869 W. S. Compton, one of the early settlers, and D. A. Self, local merc....

Historical Marker - Dew.

Biggerstaff Cemetery

The families of Oliver (1812-1872) and Mary (Livingston) Jackson (1818-1890) and George (1823-1906) and Didama (Jackson) Biggerstaff (1835-1902) moved here from Missouri and settled on adjoining farms in 1854. The Jacksons erected a schoolhouse on their property and this cemetery was established on ....

Historical Marker - Dodd City.

Nation's, Carry, Hotel, Site of

During a brief and troubled time in her life, Carry Amelia Moore Nation (1846-1911) operated the "Old Columbia Hotel" on this site about 1880. She later achieved fame as a hatchet-wielding crusader against the use of alcoholic drink and tobacco. Born in Kentucky to slave-owning parents, Carry Moore ....

Historical Marker - East Columbia.

Flowers House

This was the home of local cotton gin operator Felix A. Flowers (1870-1950) and his wife Lucinda Mixson flowers (1875-1949), a local social and civic leader. The house was designed by Missouri-born Roy E. Lane (1884-1956), a prominent central Texas architect who designed many structures in Waco betw....

Historical Marker - Eddy.

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