Uncovered Texas


Darst, Abraham

Emigrated to Texas from Missouri in 1827 as an Austin colonist. Participated in the Battle of Velasco, 1832. Five of his sons were in the Army of Texas in 1836. Born May 14, 1786; died in December, 1833.....

Historical Marker - Damon.

Texas Central Railroad

Railroad construction in Texas, interrupted by the Civil War and by the national economic depression of the early 1870s, began a period of recovery in the late 1870s and early 1880s. Chartered on May 31, 1879, the Texas Central Railway was owned by the Houston & Texas Central Railway and was in comp....

Historical Marker - De Leon.

Long, Captain Ira

Dedicated and courageous. Born in Indiana; reared in Missouri. Wounded twice in Confederate service during the Civil War. On reorganization of Texas Rangers, 1874, was commissioned first lieutenant; promoted 1875 to captain, Company A, official escort of Major John B. Jones, Commander of Ranger Forc....

Historical Marker - Decatur.

James, Jesse and Frank, Old Campsite of

Famous western frontier outlaws, who had many Texas hideouts along a line from the Rio Grande to the Red River. The camps - extending into Missouri, their home state - were used for hiding stolen horses until posses could be thrown off the trail. The campsites were sometimes known to scattered settl....

Historical Marker - Decatur.

First United Methodist Church (Decatur)

Organized in 1862, this congregation is the oldest in Decatur. The Reverend J. R. Bellamy conducted the first services in a vacant store on the south side of the town square. Other churches were not started in the community until after the Civil War. Instrumental leaders in the development of the yo....

Historical Marker - Decatur.

Gose Trees

Remnant of bois d'arc hedge which encircled the log cabin of Stephen M. Gose (1824-77), early justice of the peace, blacksmith, and leader of Methodist church, who came to Texas from Missouri in 1859. The spiny trees, planted 1861, served as a barrier against prowling Indians.....

Historical Marker - Decatur.

Vesey, Randolph (Uncle Ran)

Born a slave near Savannah, Georgia, Randolph Vesey was body servant to Confederate General William Lewis Cabel during the Civil War. In 1868, while living on the Montague-Wise County line, Vesey was captured by Indians and taken to Kansas. Black scout Brit Johnson ransomed Vesey with horses contrib....

Historical Marker - Decatur.

Hendricks, Jesse Elvis, Log Cabin

A native of Missouri, Jesse Elvis Hendricks (1837-1920) came to Grayson County in 1846. In 1863-64, he built this log home five miles southeast of this site. It was originally a one-room cabin with a loft, but Hendricks and his wife, Susan Matilda (Dumas), added more rooms about 1870 after the birth....

Historical Marker - Denison.

Sand Springs

A noted watering place on pioneer trails, known as early as 1840 to settlers and prospectors who camped near the strong currents of water boiling up at the foot of a rocky bluff. The sandstone of the bluff's face became an inscription rock, in which travelers carved names or initials and dates of th....

Historical Marker - Denison.

Missouri-Kansas-Texas Railroad

In 1865 the Union Pacific Railway southern branch was incorporated to build a railroad from the St. Louis-Kansas City area to the Gulf of Mexico. In 1870, with construction completed to the border of Indian Territory, the line was renamed the Missouri, Kansas & Texas Railroad. This title was often s....

Historical Marker - Denison.

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