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Alford, George G.

(June 17, 1793 -- April 1, 1847) New York native George G. Alford, an officer in the War of 1812, came to Texas from Missouri in 1836. During the Texas Revolution he served as Gen. Sam Houston's quartermaster general. Captured by Mexican forces after the was while on a supply trip for the Republic o....

Historical Marker - Crockett.

Burns Station Cemetery

Reminder of De Witt County's earliest settlement, Irish Creek, begun in 1826 when Arthur Burns (1780-1856) migrated from Missouri and Iowa to Texas. He joined colony of Green DeWitt and built a 2-story log home near here. Used as a refuge during Indian raids, the house was also visited by General Sa....

Historical Marker - Cuero.

St. John Lutheran Church

"St. John Lutheran Church Lutheran settlers from Germany moved to this area in 1848. They met in family homes for worship and in 1853 constructed their first church building, which also served as a school. In the 1860s, following the Civil War, they constructed a second building for the church, whic....

Historical Marker - Cypress.

Hawpe, Trezevant Calhoun

(September 16, 1820 - August 12, 1863) Georgia native, a widower, moved from Tennessee to Dallas County with his son. He married Electa Underwood Bethurum in 1848. Elected Dallas County sheriff in 1850, he served two terms. He later was justice of the peace and county coroner, and an officer of Tann....

Historical Marker - Dallas.

Stone, Barton Warren

(1817 - 1881) Kentucky native Barton Warren Stone came to Dallas from Tennessee in 1851. He prospered at farming and the practice of law. In 1852 he helped lead a rebellion against Peters Colony agent H. O. Hedgecoxe. Though initially opposed to Texas' secession, Stone organized and commanded two Co....

Historical Marker - Dallas.

Hoblitzelle, Karl St. John

(October 22, 1879 - March 8, 1967) A young Missourian, Karl Hoblitzelle in 1904 helped produce the St. Louis World's Fair, where he gained respect for vaudeville. In 1905 he founded Interstate Amusement Company and opened theatres in Dallas, Fort Worth, Waco, and San Antonio. Soon he had theatres fr....

Historical Marker - Dallas.

Log Cabin Pioneers of Dallas County

Most colonists first settled in this "Three Forks" area of the Trinity River as members of the Peters Colony after 1841. Immigrants from such states as Arkansas, Illinois, Kentucky, Missouri, and Tennessee brought with them a tradition of building log shelters. Land title was granted to settlers who....

Historical Marker - Dallas.

Brown, John Henry

Star and Wreath John Henry Brown 1820 - 1895 Frontier Indian fighter in Somervell Expedition 1842-43. Editor, author, Texas legislator 1855-57, 1873. Prominent seccessionist. Major Confederate Army in Indian Territory, Missouri. Adjutant General in Texas. Commander Texas Third Frontier District 1863....

Historical Marker - Dallas.


William Brown Miller (1807 - 1899) moved from Missouri to Texas in 1847 with his family. In 1855-62 he built this house on his farm east of Dallas. His twelfth child, Minera (1865 - 1960), inherited the house and named it Millermore. Her husband, Barry Miller (1864 - 1933), was a Lieutenant Governor....

Historical Marker - Dallas.

Darst, Edmund Calloway

A San Jacinto veteran born in Missouri, 1815; died in 1838.....

Historical Marker - Damon.

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