Uncovered Texas


Bruceville Methodist Church

According to local tradition this congregation traces its beginning to the Cedar Bridge Methodist Church, which held services just prior to the Civil War in a sanctuary near a cedar bridge constructed by pioneer settler E.T. Cox. Members of Cedar Bridge Methodist reportedly organized a Methodist chu....

Historical Marker - Bruceville.

Bryan, William Joel

Native of Missouri. Member of prominent family who were Texas statesmen, planters, developers. Grandson of Moses Austin, who obtained from Mexico charter for American Colony in Texas, but died before making settlement. Nephew of Stephen F. Austin, "Father of Texas", who actually established the colo....

Historical Marker - Bryan.

Burnett, Samuel Burk

A native of Missouri, Samuel Burk Burnett came to Texas with his family soon after the Civil War. He married Ruth Loyd of Fort Worth in 1870, and in partnership with her father, Martin B. Loyd, established the famous Four Sixes (6666) Ranch in 1875. Burnett became one of the most influential rancher....

Historical Marker - Burkburnett.

I.O.O.F. Cemetery

The Independent Order of Odd Fellows (I.O.O.F.) is a fraternal service organization with chapters in communities around the world. Caddo Mills Lodge No. 416, I.O.O.F., was organized for members in nearby Caddo Mills, a railroad stop on the Missouri, Kansas and Texas railroad. Burials already existed....

Historical Marker - Caddo Mills Vicinity.

Stricker, Katy Hamman, Library

In 1868, Robert Calvert and other local farmers urged the Houston & Texas Central Railroad to build through the area. The city of Calvert became an agricultural trade center and attracted new residents from other area settlements. After the turn of the 20th century, women's clubs became a popular as....

Historical Marker - Calvert.

Milam County Jail of 1895

When the 1875 Milam County Jailhouse grew too crowded in the 1890s, it was removed to make room for larger facilities. In March 1895, the Milam County Commissioners awarded a contract to the Pauly Jail Building and Manufacturing Company of St. Louis, Missouri, for the construction of a larger prison....

Historical Marker - Cameron.

Canadian River Trail

Trade, exploration and hunting trails along the Canadian are older than recorded history -old when used 1541 by Spaniard Coronado hunting golden cities of Cibola. Route in 1840 for Josiah Gregg and 34 Missouri men with goods worth $25,000 headed for trade in Santa Fe. Used by 1849 parties escorted b....

Historical Marker - Canadian.

Shelby Expedition through Van Zandt County

Gen. Joseph O. Shelby's command refused to surrender at the close of the Civil War. Shelby's men, the First Missouri Cavalry of the Confederate States of America, marched via Clarksville to Van Zandt County, proceeding through Grand Saline to Canton and on to Stone Point soon after learning of Gen. ....

Historical Marker - Canton.

Alla School

In 1866 Moses and Mary Jane Hubbard and their daughter Alla moved from Missouri to Collin County, where Hubbard was a successful doctor, farmer, and one of the largest landholders in the area. Concerned with the inadequacy of the local school, the Hubbards supplemented Alla's education at home and t....

Historical Marker - Celina.

Stoneleigh Ranch

Missouri native George L. Leigh (d. 1901) moved to Kerr County in 1878 for health reasons. He opened a mercantile establishment in Center Point (3.5 mi. S) with James Sellers and later served one term as county tax assessor. In 1883 he purchased a 640-acre tract here. With the help of his brother Ed....

Historical Marker - Center Point.

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