Uncovered Texas


Teas Nursery Company

Teas Nursery Company traces its history to 1843, when John C. Teas (1827-1907) began selling apples out of his back yard in Indiana. After moving the business to Missouri in 1868, Teas became a nationally prominent horticulturist. In 1908 his son, horticulturist Edward Teas, Sr. (1870-1951), met dev....

Historical Marker - Houston.

Pritchett House

Missouri native Joseph Lucien Pritchett (1858-1936) and his wife, Lenora Melissa (Evans), moved to Huntsville in 1888, when he was appointed to the faculty of Sam Houston Normal Institute as a professor of mathematics. After acquiring some property in the area, they built this house in 1892 and name....

Historical Marker - Huntsville.

Addison, Nathaniel

A soldier in the Texas Army in 1836, born in Louisiana, February 20, 1811, died May 28, 1900. His wife Margaret Ann Addison born in Missouri, February 24, 1815, died July 26, 1878.....

Historical Marker - Irene.

Gilbert, Site of the Dr. D. W., Homestead

"Site of the Dr. D. W. Gilbert Homestead Mississippi native Daniel Webster ""D.W."" Gilbert (1854-1930) was one of three brothers who became Texas doctors. At age 20, he joined his brother, Franklin Monroe Gilbert, in Grapevine and began to study medicine under him. In 1879, he enrolled at Washingto....

Historical Marker - Irving.

Gilbert, Daniel Webster, M. D.

(1854 - 1930) Mississippi native D. W. Gilbert came to Texas in 1874. Graduated from Missouri Medical College in 1881, he began his practice in Euless and Grapevine. In 1884 he moved to Sowers, purchased 1500 acres of farmland, planted a peach orchard and operated a dairy. He relocated to Irving in ....

Historical Marker - Irving.

Haley Memorial Cemetery

William Haley (1831 - 1908) and his wife Lucinda Catherine (1834 - 1875) came to Texas from Missouri in 1857. They established a farm in this area and later operated a general store. When Lucinda Haley died in 1875, a one-acre site on the family farm was set aside as a cemetery. Through the years mo....

Historical Marker - Irving.

Itasca Railroad Depot

The second railroad depot for Itasca, this Victorian structure was built in 1895, fourteen years after the town was founded along a line of the Missouri, Kansas & Texas Railroad. It was constructed large enough to accommodate both passenger and freight service. A landmark in the town and a symbol of....

Historical Marker - Itasca.

Gould, Jay

Built in 1888 by the American Car & Foundry Company of St. Charles, Missouri, this was the private railway car of Jay Gould (1836-1892). A native of New York, Gould was a noted financier and the owner of numerous railroad companies, including the Union Pacific, The Missouri Pacific, the Internationa....

Historical Marker - Jefferson.

Perry, Emily Margaret Brown Austin Bryan

(1795-1851) Born near Austinville, Virginia, as was her brother Stephen Fuller Austin (1793-1836), Emily moved with her father Moses Austin (1761-1821) and mother Maria Brown Austin (1768-1824) to Missouri in 1798. The family operated lead mines there and founded the town of Potosi, south of St. Lou....

Historical Marker - Jones Creek.

Bryan, Major Guy M., C.S.A.

(1821-1901) Born in Missouri. Rode a mule to Texas in 1831 to join his uncle, Stephen F. Austin, Father of Texas. A private in Texas War for Independence. Legislator, congressman, member of Texas Secession Convention. Enlisted as a private in the Civil War, but his administrative ability, diplomacy ....

Historical Marker - Jones Creek.

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