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Nutt, David L., Home

Two story house built in 1879 by David Lee Nutt, who came to Texas from Missouri in 1857. Constructed, plantation-style, with cypress lumber hauled by ox cart from east Texas. Home soon converted into Hood county's first hotel, humorously named "The Nutt House" by the family. Patrons were drummers v....

Historical Marker - Granbury.


Settled in 1850 on land grant from Governor Elisha M. Pease. Supplies were hauled by ox wagon from Houston. A visitor exclaimed, "What a grand view!" Which gave community its name. Church organized 1853. Post office opened in 1856. Masonic lodge (county's first) founded 1860. Town moved to this site....

Historical Marker - Grandview.

Macedonia Cemetery

According to local tradition a congregation known as the O'Possum Creek Church built an all-faiths sanctuary in this area as early as 1858. During the 1860s the Macedonia community began to develop as English and German immigrants settled in the area. During the 1870s Macedonia developed into a thri....

Historical Marker - Granger.

Missouri Colony

In 1844 related families from Platte County, Missouri, settled in this area. James Gibson, one of the earliest settlers in Tarrant County, owned this site. In 1845 more relatives and friends arrived. They became known as the "Missouri Colony". The pioneers raised cattle and grain. John. A Freeman ta....

Historical Marker - Grapevine.

Torian Log Cabin

This cabin of hand-hewn logs was built along a creek at the edge of the cross timbers near the pioneer community of Dove. It originally stood on a headright settled in 1845 by Francis Throop, a Peters colonist from Missouri. J.C.Wiley bought the property in 1868. He sold it in 1886 to John R. Torian....

Historical Marker - Grapevine.


Wild mustang grapes growing profusely in this area inspired the name "Grapevine" for this community. Ambrose Foster (1794?-1847) and his wife Susannah Medlin (1796-1876) were among the first settlers in 1845, from Platte County, Missouri. The Fosters, their daughters and sons-in-law acquired land th....

Historical Marker - Grapevine.

Hunt County's First Railroad

Missouri, Kansas & Texas (Katy) Railway, whose first train from Denison reached here Oct. 1, 1880. A $5,000 cash bonus and right of way across Hunt County were guaranteed by Greenville men: F. P. Alexander, M. M. Arnold, A. Cameron, J. J. Cooper, J. C. Edmonds, Fred Ende, I. N. Harrison, J. W. Hawki....

Historical Marker - Greenville.


" In 1846, the Texas legislature created Hunt County and specified that Greenville would be the name of the county seat, honoring Texas War for Independence veteran Thomas J. Green. Voters ultimately selected this location, on land donated by Tennessee surveyor McQuinney Howell Wright, for the new c....

Historical Marker - Greenville.

State National Bank

Founded in 1904 as a private bank by John Walter Knorpp (1867-1952), member of an established banking family of Missouri, New Mexico, and Texas, and Eugene Sherwood Blasdel (1878-1930), oil and grain business developer of this region. In 1905 Blasdel sold his interest to Knorpp. A state charter was ....

Historical Marker - Groom.

Kent, Andrew

Andrew Kent was born c. 1791 in Kentucky, to Isaac Kent; his mother's name is unknown. On April 30, 1816, he wed Elizabeth Zumwalt, a Missouri native born in April 1798. Andrew worked as a carpenter, and he and Elizabeth had 10 children. While living in Missouri, they met Green DeWitt. In 1825, DeWi....

Historical Marker - Hallettsville.

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