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Chambers County Youth Project Show

On July 30, 1955, members of the East and West Chambers County Farm Bureaus and their families held a picnic in Fort Anahuac Park (4 mi. S) which included a variety of youth events and games. The success of the picnic resulted in a sense of unity, fellowship, and goodwill among county residents geog....

Historical Marker - Anahuac.

Anderson Baptist Church

Organized November 11, 1844 Baptist General Convention of Texas organized here in 1848. Twenty-three of Texas thirty-four Baptist churches were represented. Present building was constructed with native rock by slave labor and finished in 1855. Burned February 6, 1955, and was restored, using origina....

Historical Marker - Anderson.

Midland and Northwestern Railroad

Chartered Jan. 16, 1916, by Midland Farms Co., which was owned by David Fasken of Toronto, Canada. The 65 miles of road were completed from Midland to Seminole in 1918. Operated with an engine borrowed from Texas and Pacific Railway until 1920, when its operations ceased. Fasken purchased the C Ranc....

Historical Marker - Andrews.

First Missionary Baptist Church of Angleton

Angleton's First Missionary Baptist Church organized in 1898, when it primarily served African American field hands and tenant farmers from the surrounding agricultural area. In 1905, under the direction of the Rev. Hamp Evans, congregants built their first sanctuary. The church held services once a....

Historical Marker - Angleton.

First Baptist Church of Angleton

The First Baptist Church of Angleton was established in 1896 with Joseph Matthew Kailin as pastor. A hurricane in 1900 destroyed the sanctuary. Members met in borrowed facilities until 1911 when a new church building was erected. The congregation rebuilt and repaired after each storm and added facil....

Historical Marker - Angleton.

Jones County Courthouse

The Seventh Texas Legislature created Jones County in 1858 and named it for Anson Jones, the last president of the Republic of Texas. The Civil War, Reconstruction, and the area's untamed wilderness combined to postpone the county's formal organization until 1881. Voters selected Jones City, later r....

Historical Marker - Anson.

El Paso

Largest U.S. city on the Mexican border. Named for the mountain pass. Historic gateway for Indians, priests, gold-seekers, traders, stages. Federal troops occupied this area longer than any other in Texas during the Civil War. Agricultural, industrial and military center. Texas Western College, Span....

Historical Marker - Anthony.

Archer County

A part of the Peters Grant, 1841; Created January 22, 1858; Organized July 27, 1880; Named in honor of Dr. Branch Tanner Archer 1790-1856; Texas Commissioner to the United States, 1835, Member of Congress, Secretary of War of the Republic of Texas. First permanent settlement, 1874; First railroad, 1....

Historical Marker - Archer City.

Archer County Copper Mines

The civilized world first heard of copper in this area from Texas Rangers after an 1860 campaign against Comanches on the Pease River, about 100 miles to the northwest. The Ranger Captain, Lawrence S. ("Sul") Ross, later to serve Texas as governor, had nuggets picked off the surface of the ground an....

Historical Marker - Archer City.

Archer City Methodist Church

This congregation began as a mission in 1880, the same year Archer City was organized. The earliest pastors, including the Rev. D. D. Duncan and the Rev. I. N. Crutchfield, were circuit riders who also served neighboring counties. Members of Archer City Methodist Church constructed their first sanct....

Historical Marker - Archer City.

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