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St. Francisville

ST. FRANCISVILLE, TEXAS . St. Francisville, also known as the Polish Village, was near what is now Farm Road 521 some ten miles south of Bay City in south central Matagorda County. The community was named for the St. Francis Catholic Church built there in 1895 on land donated by Mary Jadwiga (Petruc....

Ghosttown - St. Francisville.


STILES, TEXAS . Stiles is near the intersection of State Highway 137 and Centralia Draw, eighteen miles north of Big Lake in north central Reagan County. Areas of massive limestone are found in and near Stiles. The area was on the Butterfield Overland Mail route in 185961 and was settled by sheep an....

Ghosttown - Stiles.


SUMPTER, TEXAS . Sumpter, a ghost town five miles east of Groveton in central Trinity County, served as the first seat of government after the county was established in February 1850. The home of Solomon Adams, the first white settler in the area, was designated the temporary site for various courts....

Ghosttown - Sumpter.


WALLISVILLE HERITAGE PARK . Wallisville Heritage Park, in Wallisville, Chambers County, is engaged in the preservation, restoration, and study of the Wallisville Townsite and the El Orcoquisac Archeological District, two sites on the National Register of Historic Places in Texas. In 1979 a private, ....

Ghosttown - Wallisville .


WALTHALL, TEXAS . Walthall (Walthal) was east of the Colorado River five miles southeast of Ballinger in southeast Runnels County. The town was started about 1875, when a telegraph station was established by William Hightower on a new line running from Camp Colorado to Fort Concho. Within a short ti....

Ghosttown - Walthall.


WASHBURN, TEXAS . Washburn, on U.S. Highway 287 in the northwest corner of Armstrong County, was part of the JA Ranch holdings from 1876 until the ranch was divided in 1887. In August of that year Robert E. Montgomery, who owned section ninety-eight, promoted a townsite at what was then the terminus....

Ghosttown - Washburn .


WATSON, BENJAMIN WILLIAM(1828-1873). Benjamin William Abner Joseph John Frederick Watson, landowner, farmer, and Confederate officer, was born on June 9, 1828, in Virginia. He was the son of Richard Price Watson and Elizabeth (McGeeHee) Watson. Watson came to Ellis County in the 1850s with his fathe....

Ghosttown - Watson.


ROCKY HILL, TEXAS (Gillespie County). Rocky Hill, originally known as Zodiac, was on the Pedernales River four miles southeast of Fredericksburg in southern Gillespie County. Zodiac was founded in 1847 by a group of 200 Mormons under Lyman Wight , who had sought and received John O. Meusebach 's per....

Ghosttown - Zodiac .

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