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Hayes Park

Named for Dr. J.W. Hayes (1854-1932), who came from Tennessee to Texas in 1860s and was a trail driver, locomotive engineer, and rancher. Entering Kentucky School of Medicine at 40, he graduated and became missionary to Indians. Wife Lena Belle (1883-1920). A son, G.J. Hayes, M.D., gave park site to....

Historical Marker - Augusta.

Tillotson College

Founded in 1875 by the Rev. George J. Tillotson with the support of the American Missionary Association and congregational churches, Tillotson Collegiate and Normal Institute was chartered in 1877. Building on a foundation already set in Austin by the Evans Industrial School, Tillotson College focus....

Historical Marker - Austin.

Carrington-Covert House

Leonidas D. Carrington (1816-97) and his wife, Martha Hill Carrington (1824-59) came to Austin from Mississippi in 1852. He began to accumulate real estate and on Sept. 15, 1853, bought this block from James M. W. Hall, Austin hotelman, and ten days later opened a mercantile store on Congress Avenue....

Historical Marker - Austin.

Buddington-Benedict-Sheffield Compound

Albert and Rebecca Buddington built the first part of this compound as their home c. 1860. In 1921, it became the home of Dr. Harry Y. Benedict, a mathematician who served as University of Texas professor and president. Delia Edwards, a later owner, commissioned Arthur Fehr to alter the original hou....

Historical Marker - Austin.

First Cumberland Presbyterian Church of Austin

In 1853, Missionary Rev. E.B. Crisman formally organized the Cumberland Presbyterian Church in Austin. Members met in a frame building at 7th and Lavaca streets until 1892, when they replaced it with a stone structure. In 1906, a dispute over a church merger that led all the way to the Texas Supreme....

Historical Marker - Austin.

Daniel, Price

Texas statesman Price Daniel (1910-1988) was born in Dayton, Texas, the son of M.P. and Nannie Partlow Daniel. His career in state and national politics spanned six decades and included service in all three branches of state government. After graduating from Baylor Law School, Price Daniel establish....

Historical Marker - Austin.

Texas Highway Department

Established April 4, 1917 Early 20th century Texas farmers demanded all-weather access to markets just as automobiles revolutionized transportation for all travelers. Good roads promoters envisioned a central state agency to organize safe, consistent routes. In 1916 the federal government offered ma....

Historical Marker - Austin.

Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary Campus

"Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary Campus The Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary held its first classes in a donated building at 9th and Navasota. President t. R. Sampson, hoping to create a strong association between the seminary and the University of Texas, promoted the relocation of ....

Historical Marker - Austin.

Del Valle Army Air Base

(Bergstrom Air Force Base) Following the U.S. entry into World War II, the Army Air Corps established a base here in the Del Valle community on land once a part of the Santiago del Valle Mexican land grant. The City of Austin purchased 3,000 acres to lease to the federal government for use as an air....

Historical Marker - Austin.

Barton Springs

Clear and icy, these springs over the years have drawn Indians, pioneers, and tourists to this spot. The waters are brought from the limestone strata to the surface by the Balcones Fault, which bisects Central Texas. Average flow is 27,000,000 gallons daily. During 1730-1731, Spanish friars located ....

Historical Marker - Austin.

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