Uncovered Texas


Wilson County Courthouse and Jail (A)


National Register - Floresville.

Robertson County Courthouse and Jail


National Register - Franklin.

Mills County Jailhouse


National Register - Goldthwaite.

Hill County Jail


National Register - Hillsboro.

Fayette County Courthouse and Jail


National Register - La Grange.

Llano County Courthouse and Jail


National Register - Llano.

Palo Pinto County Jail


National Register - Palo Pinto.

Smith County Jail


National Register - Tyler.

Shackelford County's First Permanent Jail

Erected 1877-78 by architects and builders Thomas & Woerner of Fort Worth. Gerard B. Allen of St. Louis furnished ironwork. Initials on many of the native limestone blocks show masons' claims to payment for work. An early prisoner, John Selman, later killed notorious gunman John Wesley Hardin in El ....

Historical Marker - Albany.

Fort Griffin Civil Jail

This structure was the jail used in the town of Fort Griffin located 15 miles north of here, near the United States Army Post of Fort Griffin which defended the frontier from 1867 to 1881. During this period lawlessness was common in the town. Citizens built this thick-walled jail in 1878, although ....

Historical Marker - Albany.

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