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Cameron County Jail

Originally built as a three-story structure in 1912, this building, Cameron County's second jailhouse, was enlarged with the addition of a 4th floor about 1929. The 1912 structure was designed by prominent architect Atlee B. Ayers and the 1929 addition by Ayers and his son and partner Robert Ayers. ....

Historical Marker - Brownsville.

Brown County Jail


Historical Marker - Brownwood.

Ernie Wilson Museum, The

Located in Taylor County's historic first courthouse and jail. Although Taylor County was organized in July 1868, the building was not completed until May 20, 1880, because of Indian scares and lack of funds. Scene of frequent jail breaks, lynching. Note cannon balls (marked by arrows) keying limest....

Historical Marker - Buffalo Gap.

Taylor County Jail - Courthouse, First


Historical Marker - Buffalo Gap.


When the northwest extension of the Burkburnett oil field opened in 1919, prospectors thronged this area. Bridgetown sprang up at the Texas end of a mile-long Red River toll bridge built for oil field traffic. It became the largest and wealthiest of 12 communities that mushroomed in this area during....

Historical Marker - Burkburnett.

Burnet County Jail

Built 1884 of hand-hewn rock. Has apartment for sheriff, who is also jailer. On second floor the county library was founded. Recorded Texas Historic Landmark - 1966....

Historical Marker - Burnet.

Henslee, Lee W.

(1872 - 1927) Native of Burleson County; was named county sheriff in 1902; served in era when law and order were challenged. "Mr. Lee" seldom used a gun, commanding respect through quiet persuasion. His family lived in the county jail. He became tax collector, 1916.....

Historical Marker - Caldwell.

Milam County Jail of 1895

When the 1875 Milam County Jailhouse grew too crowded in the 1890s, it was removed to make room for larger facilities. In March 1895, the Milam County Commissioners awarded a contract to the Pauly Jail Building and Manufacturing Company of St. Louis, Missouri, for the construction of a larger prison....

Historical Marker - Cameron.

Hemphill County Jail

Built in 1890, first permanent public building in both town of Canadian and Hemphill County. Erected under administration of E. E. Polly, first county judge. Ironically, deception plagued construction of this jail, as building contracts were found to be fraudulent and citizens took legal action all ....

Historical Marker - Canadian.

Canton: The Misplaced County Seat

The Texas Legislature created Van Zandt County in 1848. It originally included nearly 2,000 square miles of territory. Jordan's Saline, now Grand Saline, was near the county's geographic location and became the first seat of government. Two years later, with the creation of Wood County from part of ....

Historical Marker - Canton.

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