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Jim Wells County Courthouse

Governor Oscar B. Colquitt signed legislation creating Jim Wells County on March 11, 1911. Taken from territory formerly a part of Nueces County, the new county was named for prominent Brownsville attorney and business leader James B. Wells, Jr. (1850-1923). The first county elections were held two ....

Historical Marker - Alice.


Early settler David Mitchell established a trading post near here in the late 1840s, about the time colonists of W. S. Peters' empresario grant began to settle the area. Colonist William Balch, who settled on an area land grant in 1852, was later to become known as the "Father of Alvarado" for his e....

Historical Marker - Alvarado.

Williamson, Robert McAlpin

(1804-1859) Crippled by disease at 15, with a leg permanently bent at the knee, wore a pegleg which like his two natural legs was covered with his trousers. Hence he was nicknamed "Three-Legged Willie." Settled in Texas in 1827 to practice law. Here at Fort Anahuac in 1832, he made an heroic stand a....

Historical Marker - Anahuac.

Travis, William Barret

(August 9, 1809 - March 6, 1836) Co-commander with James Bowie, siege of the Alamo. Born in South Carolina; moved with family in 1818 to Alabama, where at 19 he was admitted to the bar; came to Texas 1831. In anahuac he joined william H. Jack and others resisting tyranny of customs collector Juan Da....

Historical Marker - Anahuac.

Grimes County, C.S.A.

Civil War military concentration point for troops and ordnance. Rich farm land. By 1861 densely populated. Favored secession by 907 to 9 vote. Sent 5 cavalry, 4 infantry companies to Confederate Army. Arms and ordnance works at Anderson produced cannon, cannon balls, guns, pistols, swords, sabres, b....

Historical Marker - Anderson.

Archer County Jail

By 1909 Archer County had outgrown its original jail, a 16-foot square frame building. Construction on this larger facility was completed in Sept. 1910. The sandstone structure was designed with living quarters for the sheriff and his family on the ground floor. The second and third floors had cells....

Historical Marker - Archer City.

Travis County Government, Third Site for

Courthouse built here in 1939, 91st year of Travis County, which in early Texas was in municipality of Mina (later Bastrop), or Travis District, named for Wm. B.Travis, commander at the Alamo. Site of present-day Austin was chosen in 1839 (4th year of the Republic of Texas) as location for capital, ....

Historical Marker - Austin.

Callahan Jail, First

Built 1878, Belle Plaine. Baird citizens paid bill for removal here, 1883, after election contest. Recorded Texas Historic Landmark, 1965.....

Historical Marker - Baird.

Bandera County Jail

Built 1881. Local stone, cypress floors used. Housed county offices until 1890. Used 57 years. Recorded Texas Historic Landmark, 1965.....

Historical Marker - Bandera.

Bandera County Courthouse, First

Georgia stonemason Henry White is credited with building this structure in 1868. In 1877, a store occupied the first floor and the Masonic Lodge met on the top floor. County commissioners bought the building that year to provide space for county offices, then housed in rented quarters. The county re....

Historical Marker - Bandera.

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