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Balcones Fault Aids Colonization of Texas

Curving through the center of Texas form Hill County south and west to Uvalde County is the rugged escarpment-fault called Balcones. The abundance of natural resources associated with this geologic formation affected the pattern of colonization in Texas. The numerous springs and wooded hills of the ....

Historical Marker - Austin.

Manor, Joseph J., Cemetery

Joseph J. Manor Cemetery Joseph J. Manor (1818-1884) came to Texas from Tennessee at age twenty, settling finally in Webberville, where he acquired land and opened a store and cotton gin. He married Caroline Scott (1830-1851) in 1847; both are laid to rest here, as are other early area pioneers. Vet....

Historical Marker - Austin.

Mount Bonnell

Rising 775 feet above sea level, this limestone height was named for George W. Bonnell, who came to Texas with others to fight for Texas independence, 1836. Was commissioner of Indian Affairs in Republic of Texas under president Sam Houston. Moved in 1839 to Austin; there published the "Texas Sentin....

Historical Marker - Austin.

Texas Legislatures, Confederate

When Texas seceded, Feb. 1, 1861, the 8th Legislature was in Austin in a called session, adjourned Feb. 9. On March 18, the 8th came back for a second called session; the 9th and 10th Legislatures in turn were harassed with problems of the Civil War. They found it necessary to raise, equip and suppl....

Historical Marker - Austin.

Authon Cemetery

Named for the nearby Authon Community, located on the Fort Worth-Fort Belknap Military Road, this site first served as a cemetery for the family of Kentucky native Isom Cranfill (1831-1902). The earliest burial here was that of his 15-year-old son, Linn Boyd Cranfill (d. 1871), who was killed in an ....

Historical Marker - Authon.

Azle School

According to local tradition, pioneer settler J.G. Reynolds started the first area school in the 1850s. Early classes were held in log cabins and in the Ash Creek Baptist Church building. Despite interruptions caused by Indian attacks and the Civil War, the Azle Schools grew through consolidation wi....

Historical Marker - Azle.

Kiowa Raid on Walnut Creek

In April 1867 a band of about sixty Kiowa Indians, led by Chiefs Satank and Satanta, raided the home of William Hamleton on Walnut Creek. Hamleton was away when the Kiowas killed his wife, Sally, and captured two children, Lavina and Mary. Lavina was released from captivity after six months, but Mar....

Historical Marker - Azle.

Ash Creek Baptist Church

On September 9, 1871, the Rev. J.C. Powers led 48 charter members in organizing Ash Creek Missionary Baptist Church. Guarding against Indians, Rev. Powers preached with a gun beside his Bible and men kept rifles on their knees. A meeting house was erected at this site in 1891 under the Rev. T.H. Stu....

Historical Marker - Azle.

Berry, Captain Andrew Jackson

Born in Indiana May 16, 1816. Died at Baird, Texas July 31, 1899. Veteran of San Jacinto. Officer in the Confederate Army.....

Historical Marker - Baird.

Callahan, James H., Monument

County Organized July 3, 1877 Named for James H. Callahan Ranger, Captain and Indian Fighter....

Historical Marker - Baird.

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