Uncovered Texas


Bandera Pass

Celebrated Indian pass known from the earliest days of Spanish settlement. Identified with many a frontier fight and many a hostile inroad. Old Ranger trail from the Medina to the Guadalupe River and the United States Army route between frontier posts followed this route through the mountains.....

Historical Marker - Bandera Vicinity.

Mud Creek Cemetery

Named for nearby Mud Creek, this graveyard has served residents of the Thrifty and Fry communities for more than 100 years. The first person known to be buried at the site was infant Martha Blackwell, who died in 1864. However, a rock slab that bears an illegible name indicates the cemetery was used....

Historical Marker - Bangs Vicinity.

Bluntzer, Nicholas

(October 29, 1835-September 5, 1901) A native of the French province of Alsace, Nicholas Bluntzer came to Texas at age nine with his parents and other Alsatian families led by colonizer Henri Castro. The Bluntzer family settled in DeWitt County, in an area along Coleto Creek which would become the t....

Historical Marker - Banquete.

Casa Blanca Land Grant

The first spanish land grant awarded in what is now Nueces county was the Casa Blanca land grant. Granted in 1798 by the spanish government to Juan Jose de la Garza Montemayor (1765-1816) and his three sons, Juan Manuel, Jose Perfecto, and Jose Agustin, it was located between Penitas Creek and the N....

Historical Marker - Banquete.

Coalsons, The Pioneer

Indians attacked goat camp of Nick Coalson on June 1, 1877; son Arthur, 10, was killed; Johnny, 14, wounded. Coalson escaped after 3 hours of hard fighting. One year later he lost his wife Alice, a daughter Etta Elizabeth (twin of Arthur), and infant stepson in another Indian raid. Captains Pat Dola....

Historical Marker - Barksdale.

Dixie Settlement

Named for Camp Dixie, a Texas Ranger post near Military Road to Fort Inge (42 miles southeast). First civilian settler was Jerusha Sanchez, midwife for Nueces Canyon area, widowed by Indians in the 1870s. Next came Elizabeth Hill, whose eldest son Jim was a military scout. Lewis Barksdale, a veteran....

Historical Marker - Barksdale.

First Presbyterian Church of Bartlett

Built for congregation originally called Nazareth Church of the Central Texas Presbytery, and constituted on Indian Creek in June 1875. Reorganized here in 1897. Sanctuary erected in 1899. Victorian architecture. Recorded Texas Historic Landmark - 1970....

Historical Marker - Bartlett.

First United Methodist Church of Bartlett

Organized between 1870 and 1875 as the Indian Creek Church, this congregation moved to Bartlett about 1885. Services were held in a store, schoolhouse, and Baptist church before construction of a Methodist church in 1890. Built in 1896, the present sanctuary was enlarged in 1912 and dedicated on Jun....

Historical Marker - Bartlett.

Allen, Elisha

(December 16, 1813 - March 6, 1893) A native of Louisiana, Elisha Allen moved with his parents in 1827 to what is now Orange County. When the Texas Revolution began, Allen joined the army and fought at the Siege of Bexar, Dec. 5-6, 1835. He explored the Texas frontier with a survey party in 1838. In....

Historical Marker - Bartlett.

McKay, Daniel

(October 16, 1814-October 9, 1889) Born in Maine. Came to Texas in 1834 with Sterling C. Robertson's Colony. Settled near Nashville. Participated in Battle of San Jacinto (Co. H, 1st Regt.) during the Texas War for Independence, 1836. In 1845 he married Jane Bryant, daughter of Benjamin Bryant. The ....

Historical Marker - Bartlett Vicinity.

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