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Wortham Oil Boom

The city of Wortham rejected a well drilled by C. L. Witherspoon in 1912 when it produced gas, not water. However, oil and gas wells in 1919-23 gave prosperity to neighbors north and south, and petroleum exploration began here. Discovery well for the Wortham Field, Roy Simmons No. 1 (1 mi. S), came ....

Historical Marker - Wortham.

Ector County Discovery Well

The discovery of Oil in Ector County December 28, 1926, marked the beginning of a new economic era for this region. The first Well, " J.S. Cosden No.1-A W.E. Connell ", was named for the driller and owner of land. Its meager initial output of 38 barrels per day did not cause much excitement, but exp....

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First Producing Gas Well McMullen County and First Gas Pipeline to San Antonio

Thirty years before the first producing gas well was drilled in this county, traces of salt water, sulphur, gas, and oil in water wells gave hints of the presence of petroleum here. For years wildcat drilling went on, but with only moderate success. Then in 1908, a well on Charles Byrne's land began....

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RANGER, DESDEMONA, AND BRECKENRIDGE OILFIELDS . Although the Ranger, Desdemona, and Breckenridge oilfields are sometimes considered separately, they are more logically discussed together because of their geographical proximity, times of discovery, and production figures. The oil prospecting in 1890 ....

Ghosttown - Desdemona.

Moonshine Hill

MOONSHINE HILL, TEXAS . Moonshine Hill was located on a section of the Humble oilfield two miles east of Humble in northeastern Harris County. In 1887 gas seepages were noted in the area by James Slaughter, who, with Houston jeweler S. A. Hart, drilled unsuccessfully several years later. In 1903 Hou....

Ghosttown - Moonshine Hill.

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