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Early travelers along many historic trails in this area found the region arid and inhospitable. Given (1876) to the University of Texas, the lands around this marker were leased to cattlemen. The Kansas City, Mexico & Orient Railroad built its line here in 1911, but did little local hauling. Develop....

Historical Marker - Big Lake.


One of the most famous Texas towns. Name was given to post office at request of President T. R. Roosevelt after his 1905 wolf hunt with rancher Burk Burnett in this area. Townsite was laid out in 1907 by Joseph A. Kemp and Frank Kell, surveyors and promoters of Wichita Falls and Northwestern Railroa....

Historical Marker - Burkburnett.

Church and Fields Oil Discovery Well

Since 1839 Texas has set aside her public lands to finance education. The University of Texas at Austin acquired the land at this site in 1883, after the first owner, a railroad company, returned it to the state as worthless. For years McElroy Ranch grazed cattle here. On similar terrain 70 miles to....

Historical Marker - Crane.

Desdemona Cemetery

The town of Desdemona was a well established frontier community by the 1870s; a post office opened there in 1877. J. S. and Rosa Jones deeded one acre from the D. W. Funderburgh land survey for a "public graveyard" in 1880. The earliest marked grave is that of William E. Wright (1815-1878). It is li....

Historical Marker - Desdemona.

Kadane Discovery Well (About 700 Feet to the Southwest)

Oil development in this part of Wichita County began in 1919 from shallow depths in the KMA Field. As the original wells went dry, and a severe national Depression blighted the country in the 1930s, the oil industry sought new production. The Mangold family, owners of land at this site, offered libe....

Historical Marker - Electra.

Mexia Oil Boom

One of great free-wheeling oil booms of America before proration was enforced. Population in Mexia increased from 4,000 to 50,000 within days after oil discovery in 1920 at Rogers No. 1 Well, located 1.6 miles west of this marker, just off FM Road 1633 Earlier (in 1912), Blake Smith and other Mexia ....

Historical Marker - Mexia.

Killam, Oliver Winfield

Discoverer of first commercial oil field in south Texas; founder of Mirando City, as base of operations. Born in Lincoln county, Mo.; graduated in law at University of Missouri, 1898. Operated stores and lumber yards and served 8 years in legislature of Oklahoma. Came to Texas to explore for oil in ....

Historical Marker - Mirando City.

Benckenstein, Leonard Fredrick

A millionaire by his early thirties, Leonard Frederick Benckenstein made his first fortune in Detroit, where he was involved in the insurance, stock, and bond business. His friendship with prominent East Texas lumberman John Henry Kirby led him to Beaumont, where he was visiting when the Lucas gushe....

Historical Marker - Orange.

Pearland High School, The 1937

A terrible storm ravaged Pearland in 1915. Among the important structures it destroyed was the town's high school. For the next 22 years, Pearland teenagers traveled to Webster to attend classes. The long commute severly curtailed their involvement in school and community life. Despite the difficult....

Historical Marker - Pearland.


Birthplace of Ector County's Oil boom. First civic development here was wide-open town, "Derrick City", platted March 1927, after Dec. 28, 1926, oil discovery by driller Josh Cosden on land of W. E. Connell, near the old farming and cattle station, Judkins. However, when Connell well began pumping o....

Historical Marker - Penwell.

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