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Oil Well - It's a Gusher!


Postcard - Amarillo.

Oil Well Gusher


Postcard - Beaumont.

Simms Gusher


Postcard - Humble.

Oil Well & Gusher


Postcard - Odessa.

Lucas Gusher, Spindletop Oil Field


National Register - Beaumont.

Sayers, Confederate Major Joseph, D., Home Town of

Born Mississippi, came to Texas 1851. Enlisted here as private 1861. Adjutant 5th Texas Cavalry in Arizona-New Mexico Campaign to make Confederacy an ocean to ocean nation. At age 20 made captain for gallantry in Battle of Valverde. Organized Valverde Battery from cannons captured there. Commanded b....

Historical Marker - Bastrop.


County seat of Jefferson County. Settled in 1825 as Tevis Bluff; incorporated as Beaumont Dec. 16, 1838. Early trading post, riverboat port, lumber, rice and ranching center. Near site of Spindletop gusher, where oil became an industry, ushering in the modern port and shipyards, and a vast industria....

Historical Marker - Beaumont.

Lucas Gusher

Discovery well of the Spindletop Oil Field and the first important well on the Gulf Coast. It blew in on Jan. 10, 1901, flowing 100,000 barrels of oil a day from a depth of 1020 feet. The oil production which resulted made Beaumont a city and the Sabine District a major oil refining and exporting ce....

Historical Marker - Beaumont.

Early Texas Oil Pipelines

This marks route of Texas' first oil pipelines to Tidewater, constructed 1901 to transport oil from famed Spindletop gusher (7 mi. north), which came in on Jan. 10, and flowed at rate of 75,000 barrels a day. A group later to become the Gulf Pipeline Company laid 11 miles of line to the railroad in ....

Historical Marker - Beaumont.

Santa Rita No. 1

Discovery well for Big Lake oil field. First gusher in Permian Basin; first University of Texas producer. On land once thought almost worthless. Fruit of the faith of Big Lake lawyer Rupert Ricker. Though in 1919 no oil had been found within 100 miles, Ricker got leases on 431,360 acres of Universit....

Historical Marker - Big Lake.

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