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Boyd Chapel Community

Settlements began to develop in Jones County by the mid-1800s, first around the abandoned Fort Phantom Hill site and then around ranches founded in the 1880s and farms established shortly thereafter. At this site in 1895, Reese Davis, Joe Swent and Alex Boyd built the Boyd School. The community that....

Historical Marker - Anson.


This agricultural community was named for Corsicana businessman Bryan T. Barry, who developed the land deeded for the townsite by early settlers Dave and Effie Wright. The Barry Post Office was established in 1886, the same year the St. Louis, Arkansas & Texas Railroad came through the town. The fir....

Historical Marker - Barry.

Texas Tourist Camp Complex

Local businessman E. F. Boydston (1888-1945) purchased this site, a former feed lot, in 1927 for $400. Recognizing a potential business opportunity in offering services to the traveling public, he built a wooden shed and gas station in 1927. Travelers were allowed to build campfires during overnight....

Historical Marker - Decatur.


The town of Kennard was founded in 1903 by the Louisiana and Texas Lumber Company and platted on 160 acres. Land agent Alexander McTavish also acted as Kennard's first postmaster. The town served as a terminus for the Eastern Texas Railroad, a line established to transport timber to Angelina County.....

Historical Marker - Kennard.

Bell, Frank, Jr.

(1893-1963) was the son of early La Marque settlers Flavery and Frank Bell, Sr. Although he received little formal education, he was able to achieve business success and became a respected civic leader in La Marque's African American community. Bell served in the U. S. Army during World War I and la....

Historical Marker - La Marque.

Valerio, Felipe, Store and Garage

(1.5 mi. southeast) Built in 1905 by Felipe Valerio (1878-1953) and his wife Jesusa (1886-1973), the Valerio store was an integral part of the small community of La Rosita. Located approximately halfway between San Diego and Freer, the store provided groceries and other goods for residents of this r....

Historical Marker - San Diego.

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