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Medicine Mound Community

Early inhabitants of this area were Comanche and Kiowa Indians whose campsites were situated around four dolomite hills called Medicine Mounds and known for their healing properties. In 1854, area land was deeded to a railway company. Anglo settlers began to arrive in the 1870s. A small village deve....

Historical Marker - Chillicothe.

Hicks & Cobb General Merchandise Store

The townsite of Medicine Mound had long been a thriving village when brothers-in-law Lon L. Cobb and Ira Lee Hicks arrived in the area with their families in 1927 and opened a general merchandise store. The store sold such items as work clothes and clothing material, shoes, cotton sacks, groceries a....

Historical Marker - Chillicothe.

Duffau Cemetery

Francis T. Duffau was among the early settlers who arrived in the late 1850s to farm in this community. The Duffau post office was authorized in 1860. Duffau became a thriving trade center but later declined after suffering several disastrous fires and being bypassed by the railroad. The nearby Duff....

Historical Marker - Clairette Vicinity.

Duffau Baptist Church

On Sunday, October 6, 1878, elders A. W. Elledge, O. W. Hughart, and D. Shipman began this fellowship with 17 charter members. Elder Elledge served as the first pastor, conducting services on one Saturday and Sunday of each month. Soon after organizing, members furnished material and erected a sanct....

Historical Marker - Clairette Vicinity.

Warner Building

Erected at this site in 1909 by civic leaders Dr. William A. (1864-1934) and Phebe K. (1866-1935) Warner, the Warner Building played an important role in Claude's development. Designed by the Amarillo architectural firm of Heckman and Hartley, the building housed Dr. Warner's medical office, the War....

Historical Marker - Claude.

Great Panhandle Indian Scare of 1891

Although most Indians had left the Texas Panhandle by the 1880s, fear of Indian attacks was still prevalent among settlers who arrived in the next decade. On Jan. 29, 1891, rumors of approaching Indians spread throughout the entire region. For three days settlers barricaded their homes and communiti....

Historical Marker - Claude.

Cleveland, John L. and Annie Upshaw, House

John L. and Annie Upshaw Cleveland House John L. Cleveland was born in Georgia in 1851 to James Monroe and Catherine (Wright) Cleveland. He studied agriculture and business before moving to Midlothian, Texas, to teach and farm. Annie Hamilton Upshaw, daughter of Samuel Crockett and Attelia (Aldridge....

Historical Marker - Cleburne.

Tarkington Prairie, The Schools of

"The Schools of Tarkington Prairie Burton B. Tarkington brought his family from Indiana to present Liberty County in the 1820s. The vast prairie he settled came to be known for him, and it accommodated a number of dispersed agricultural communities over the years. Many of the communities established....

Historical Marker - Cleveland.


Before founding of town, this land lay in Mexican grant made to Col. Robt. Rankin, veteran of American Revolution. Post office here bore name "Coonskin" (1847), then "Fireman's Hill," and finally "Cold Springs" (1850). Spelling later became "Coldspring." Original town plat contained 14 blocks. First....

Historical Marker - Coldspring.

Hansbro's, J. M., Law Office

Built 1870. First structure moved to new Coldsprings after fire destroyed first courthouse, 1915. A new town site was selected. The San Jacinto County Abstract Co. was housed in this building many years. County's first telephone was installed here. Recorded Texas Historic Landmark - 1967....

Historical Marker - Coldspring.

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