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Briggs State Bank

Briggs State Bank The Briggs State Bank was chartered on May 27, 1909. Constructed that spring, this limestone and brick building is typical of a commercial architecture style once popular in Texas. It features a three-bay front with central entry and transoms, and decorative brickwork detailing. Th....

Historical Marker - Briggs.

Mount Horeb Lodge

Chartered Jan. 21, 1854; met in log schoolhouse. Erected own lodge hall 1856 on land given by Grand Master Sam Mather and B. K. Stewart. First floor used as church and school. A fire in 1915 razed hall. Lodge rebuilt here 1916 on land given by G. T. and W. J. Williams. (1967)....

Historical Marker - Briggs.

Town of Briggs

Pioneers mainly from the Old South settled here on the Aaron Boyce land grant in the 1860s and 70s. They had a school, and held church services, at Gum Springs in the 1880s. In 1888 a post office opened at Taylor's Gin Store; this was renamed in 1898 for Mrs. Henry D. Briggs, an early settler. On Ap....

Historical Marker - Briggs.

Brownfield, A. M.

A. M. Brownfield, for whose family this town was named, came to Terry County as a rancher in 1900. An early community leader, he organized the Brownfield State Bank in 1905. Built as a home for his family in 1928, this structure exhibits influences of the Spanish colonial style of architecture. The ....

Historical Marker - Brownfield.

Tokio School

Early classes in the Tokio area were held in the ranch house of the J Cross Ranch near the turn of the century. In 1911, a school building was constructed near the center of town (about 300 feet N), and classes were relocated. Larger school buildings later were erected, once due to fire and twice du....

Historical Marker - Brownfield.

Gomez Baptist Church

On August 3, 1903, nine worshipers gathered together to organize a Baptist church. Led by the Rev. J. R. Miller, the congregation met once a month in the Gomez schoolhouse. A one-room sanctuary, erected in 1909, was moved three-quarters of a mile northwest when Gomez was relocated due to highway con....

Historical Marker - Brownfield.

Lovell-Dobbs House

Tom Lovell (1852-1911), a native of Scotland, constructed this home for his family about 1889. A contractor, he also built various public structures, including the state capitol in Arizona, several central Texas courthouses, and the local St. John's Episcopal Church building. The Rev. Charles Holt D....

Historical Marker - Brownwood.

Villa Maria Ursuline Academy, Site of

The Ursuline Sisters, founded by St. Angela in Italy in 1535, opened their first girls' school in North America in Quebec in 1639. In 1727, they opened the Ursuline Academy in New Orleans, followed in 1846 with the Ursuline Academy in Galveston. In addition to teaching, the nuns served as nurses dur....

Historical Marker - Bryan.

St. Joseph Catholic Church

Although Catholic worship services were celebrated in Bryan by 1869, this church traces its history to the early 1870s. The first church building was erected about 1871 for a small active parish. The Reverend John Moore is considered to be the first full-time pastor of St. Joseph Church of Bryan. Fi....

Historical Marker - Bryan.

Jenkins, Charlie Eric

English native Charlie E. Jenkins came to America in 1873 and to Bryan in 1878. One of Bryan's most prolific and talented builders of the late 19th and early 20th Centuries, Jenkins' legacy of distinctive structures has been recognized by national and state organizations for their historic and archi....

Historical Marker - Bryan.

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