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McKnight Cemetery

McKnight Cemetery began as a burial ground for the family of William Newton and Rebecca McKnight, with the oldest marked grave dating to the 1850s. By the Civil War, it opened to other families in nearby communities, including Glenfawn, Linn Flat and Toliver, a farming town that declined when the Te....

Historical Marker - Cushing.

Thompson, James

(1759-1841) Veteran of the American Revolution. Ancestors of James Thompson lived in Virginia in the 17th century. Thompson served in Capt. Bynum's Company of North Carolina Militia in 1781, helping win victory in the American Revolution. In pioneer spirit, he and his family later moved to Alabama, ....

Historical Marker - Daingerfield.

WRR Radio

"WRR Radio A pioneering radio station, WRR Radio grew out of tragic events in early-20th century Dallas. In 1912, a large fire in southern Dallas required all of the city's firefighting units. While they were on the scene, another fire broke out in the northern part of the city. The central fire sta....

Historical Marker - Dallas.

Texas Women in the Civil War, A tribute to

Civilian duties of 90,000 Texas men fighting for the Confederacy fell to wives back home in land of few factories and an enemy blockade that cut down on imports. Women had to run businesses and farms for their absent men who committed to the uncertain mails their letters of instruction. Yet with hel....

Historical Marker - Dallas.

Brown, John H.

Maj. John H. Brown Star and Wreath Famed Indian fighter, Confederate officer, commanded Texas' 3rd Frontier District, member 1875 Constitutional Convention. Erected by the State of Texas 1963....

Historical Marker - Dallas.

Gano, Richard M.

Organized Tarrant County Grapevine Volunteers known as Gano's Squadron. Entered 2nd Kentucky Cavalry, C.S.A. in Tennessee. In Morgan's 1st and 2nd Kentucky raids. Made Colonel in command of 7th Kentucky Cavalry. Fought in Tullahoma, Tenn. Campaign 1863. Brigadier General of Gano's Brigade of Texas F....

Historical Marker - Dallas.

Brown, John Henry

Star and Wreath John Henry Brown 1820 - 1895 Frontier Indian fighter in Somervell Expedition 1842-43. Editor, author, Texas legislator 1855-57, 1873. Prominent seccessionist. Major Confederate Army in Indian Territory, Missouri. Adjutant General in Texas. Commander Texas Third Frontier District 1863....

Historical Marker - Dallas.

Wise County, C.S.A.

County named for Henry A. Wise, U.S. Senator from Virginia who supported Texas annexation, later Governor and C.S.A. general. Wise County was part of District One of 33 brigade districts of Texas established to recruit men for Confederate and state service in 1861. The headquarters at Decatur became....

Historical Marker - Decatur.

De Kalb

Named for Maj. Gen. Johann de Kalb - a hero of the American Revolution - upon suggestion (1836) of David Crockett, a visitor on his way to fight in Texas War for Independence. Other Texas heroes traveling through here were James B. Fannin and Wm. B. Travis. Settled by 1831, when land was given for a....

Historical Marker - DeKalb.

Seminole-Negro Scouts

Serving with the U. S. Army at Forts Duncan and Clark and Camp Del Rio (1870-1881). The Scouts were key figures in ridding Texas of hostile Indians. The 100 Scouts were mainly descendants of runaway slaves who had intermarried with the Florida Seminoles, later moved to Oklahoma Indian Territory. The....

Historical Marker - Del Rio.

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