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Johnson, Middleton T., Colonel; General Patrick R. Cleburne

County named for Texas Confederate-- Colonel Middleton T. Johnson, 1810-1866 South Carolinian; Legislator Alabama came to Texas 1840. Member Republic of Texas Congress. Cavalryman in U.S. War with Mexico. Texas Ranger surveyor of early railroads. As colonel raised 14th Texas Cavalry regiment, taking....

Historical Marker - Cleburne.

Wood, George Tyler, Governor

(1795-1858) Born in Georgia and married there in 1837 to Martha Evans Gindrat (1809-63), a widow with 3 children, George T. Wood came to Texas with his family in 1839 and settled along the Trinity River near Point Blank. Wood studied law and was elected to the 6th Republic of Texas Congress, 1841-42....

Historical Marker - Coldspring.

Coleman County

In early Texas had Apache, Comanche, Kiowa camps and mountain lookouts. White settlement began at Camp Colorado, U.S. 2nd Cavalry Post on Jim Ned Creek, 1857. County was created Feb. 1, 1858. Named for Robert M. Coleman (1799-1837), a signer of Texas Declaration of Independence and a hero of the Bat....

Historical Marker - Coleman.

Battle of the Neches

(Site 15 miles southeast) Main engagement of Cherokee War; fought July 15 and 16, 1839, between 800 Indians (Including; Delawares and Shawnees) and 500 troops of the Republic of Texas. An extraordinary fact is that David G. Burnet vice president of the Republic; Albert Sidney Johnston, secretary of ....

Historical Marker - Colfax.

Ruddick Park

Given to city 1929 in memory of pioneer William Penn Ruddick, farmer and dairyman, and Mrs. Ruddick. History was made here even before Ruddick arrived, however. In 1840 Colonel John Henry Moore and 90 Indian fighters wiped out a Comanche village on the Colorado nearby. The creek that runs through th....

Historical Marker - Colorado City.

Hardin, John Wesley

Champion gunfighter in personal combat, Hardin was brought to justice for first time for murder of Deputy Sheriff Charles Webb here in Comanche in 1874. Served 15 years in prison. On release, opened law office in El Paso, 1894. Killed at age of 42 when shot in back, 1895. (1966)....

Historical Marker - Comanche.

Indian Raid in Comanche

One of boldest depredations in Texas history, made in May 1861, during the "Bright Moon." A braying mule wakened town after nearly all horses were stolen. Citizens spent rest of night molding bullets. Pursuit began at dawn, under command of Capt. James Cunningham, assisted by 17 boys and men, using ....

Historical Marker - Comanche.

Treue Der Union (Loyalty to the Union)

This German language monument, erected 1866, honors the memory of 68 men (mostly Germans) from this region who were loyal to the Union during the Civil War. Trying desperately to reach U.S. Federal troops by way of Mexico, about 40 of the men were killed by vengeful Confederates bent on annihilating....

Historical Marker - Comfort.

Medal of Honor Fight, 1875

In the 1870s, the U.S. Army relied on Black Seminole (Seminole-Negro) Indian scouts in campaigns against raiding Native Americans along the Texas-Mexico border. In April 1875, Lt. John L. Bullis and three scouts -- Sergeant John Ward, Private Pompey Factor and Trumpeter Isaac Payne -- left Fort Clar....

Historical Marker - Comstock.

Silver Mine Pass

Named for silver mine opened near pass by Spaniards in 1700s or earlier. Ore was inferior, and mine was abandoned; but 14 shafts (some interconnecting) remain. Near the mine are remnants of a fortification made by 30 men under the leadership of James Bowie, later (1836) a hero of the siege to the Al....

Historical Marker - Concan.

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