Uncovered Texas


Military Headquarters Northern Sub-District of Texas, C.S.A.

Established at this site as a key part of Civil War defense of Texas by General Henry E. McCulloch, frontier fighter and Ranger of long experience. With supervision of 7 brigades fighting in Texas, Indian Territory and Arkansas, McCulloch had here only 2 cavalry and 4 infantry units to patrol and de....

Historical Marker - Bonham.

Montague County

Created December 24, 1857; organized August 2, 1858; named in honor of Daniel Montague 1798-1876; Pioneer Texas surveyor and Indian fighter; commander of a company in the Mexican War; Montague, County Seat....

Historical Marker - Bowie.

Allred, Governor James V., Home County of

Vigorous, forthright and humane Chief Executive of Texas in years 1935-1939. Born in Bowie, one of nine children of Renne and Mary Henson Allred worked in youth as a soda pop bottler, shoeshine boy, newsboy. Attended local schools, Rice University, Cumberland Law School; was in U.S. Navy during Worl....

Historical Marker - Bowie.

McCulloch, General Ben, C.S.A.

Distinguished Ranger, frontier surveyor, Indian fighter, lawman, statesman and military commander. Born in Tennessee. Followed David Crockett to Texas to fight in War for Independence. Commanded one of the "Twin Sisters" cannon in the Battle of San Jacinto, April 21, 1836. Served in the Congress of ....

Historical Marker - Brady.

Onion Creek Indian Fight

One night in 1866, five men from Richland Springs (about 25 mi. NE) recovered stolen horses from Indians camped near here. A metal arrow hit a Mr. Lafferty, slid halfway around his skull, was cut out with a pocket knife, and Lafferty survived. The grave of an Indian casualty is about 30 yards north.....

Historical Marker - Brady Vicinity.

Washington County, C.S.A.

Most populous county in state during Civil War. Center for production, warehousing, transportation, communications. Had large quartermaster depot. Its wartime factories made spinning jennies, lumber, pots, kettles, wagons, army ambulances. Government cotton was held in Brenham, one of 4 state depots....

Historical Marker - Brenham.

Brenham Fire Department

Two volunteer organizations, Brenham Hook and Ladder Co. and the Fire Protection Co., were started May 28, 1867, ostensibly to fight fires. In reality they were also military companies to suppress lawlessness until in 1874 Reconstruction ended. In 1875 a fire alarm bell and in 1880 a 50-gallon ciste....

Historical Marker - Brenham.

Terry, Col. B. F., & Terry's Texas Rangers

Native of Kentucky. Came to Texas 1831. Member Secession Convention. Commanded reinforcements of state troops sent to Rio Grande for the capture of Federal arms, property at Fort Brown. Went to Virginia hoping to be in first battle of war. Cited for valuable volunteer service in first Battle of Mana....

Historical Marker - Brownfield.

Brownsville City Cemetery

Although this cemetery was not formally deeded to the City of Brownsville until 1868, dates on marked tombstones indicate the site was being used as a graveyard by the late 1850s. Buried here are some of the earliest settlers to arrive in this part of the Rio Grande Valley, including The Rev. Hiram ....

Historical Marker - Brownsville.

Brown County

Created August 27, 1856; Organized March 21, 1857. Named for Capt. Henry S. Brown; came to Texas in 1824; Indian trader and fighter, commanded a company at the Battle of Velasco, member of the Convention of 1832; county seat, Brownwood 1856; moved to new site of same name, 1867. (1936)....

Historical Marker - Brownwood.

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