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Burleson, Captain James

Chosen commissary by General Andrew Jackson, War of 1812. Edward Burleson, his son, accompanied him as bookkeeper. Participated in the Battle of New Orleans, January 8, 1815. Served under his son, Edward, Army of Texas in the Grass Fight, 1835. Born May 4, 1758; died January 3, 1836.....

Historical Marker - Bastrop.

Papalote Creek

A few yards south passes Papalote Creek, crossed by the fierce Karankawa Indians who found kite-shaped pebbles and named it Papalote, which means "kite-shaped" or "wing-shaped". Along its banks came the leaders of the Power and Hewetson colonists, holding Mexican land grants in the 1830's. On its Ra....

Historical Marker - Beeville.

Luther Memorial

This memorial, an important symbol for the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor, has historic ties to the earliest days of the school in Belton. Founded in 1845 at Independence, Texas, as the female department of Baylor University, the school moved here in 1886 as Baylor Female College under the leaders....

Historical Marker - Belton.

Childers-Shanklin Mill, Site of

First water power mill in Bell County. Built in 1847. By Robert Childers pioneer settler, Indian fighter served in the Army of Texas, 1836. Sold in 1856. To G. W. Shanklin 1799-1888 who built best water race in Texas. Site of state stand on Old Military Road crossing place of Chisholm Cattle Trail.....

Historical Marker - Belton Vicinity.

Reagan County

Formed from Tom Green County; created March 7, 1903, organized April 20, 1903. Named in honor of John H. Reagan 1818-1905. Indian fighter and surveyor member of Texas Legislature and United States Congress postmaster general of the southern Confederacy. County seat, Stiles 1903-1925, Big Lake since.....

Historical Marker - Big Lake.

Potter, Andrew Jackson

(1830 - 1895) Born in Missouri. Orphaned at age 10, was a jockey, gambler, ruffian. Fought in Mexican War, 1846-47. Was a Texas Ranger later. Converted in a camp meeting, he learned to write and became a Methodist minister. Served 4 years in the Confederate Army. Like any chaplain, had pay and ratio....

Historical Marker - Boerne.

Kendall County Courthouse

First and only courthouse in county. Erected 1869-1870, seven years after county organization. Many locally prominent men were associated with the structure. The first county judge, Joseph Graham, was appointed U.S. Consul to Argentina. The first sheriff, Capt. John Sansom, was a member of the U.S. ....

Historical Marker - Boerne.

Adobe Walls, Battle of

Fifteen miles to the site of the BATTLE OF ADOBE WALLS Fought on November 25, 1864 between Kiowa and Comanche Indians and United States troops commanded by Colonel Christopher Carson, 1809-1868. This was "Kit" Carson's last fight. (1936)....

Historical Marker - Bolger.

Fort Inglish, Vicinity of

(exact original location unknown) Spot where settlement of town of Bonham began. On 1,250-acre land grant of Texas Republic to Bailey Inglish (1797-1867), former Miller County, Ark., sheriff who led train of settlers traveling by oxcart to this site in 1837. Here they built a log stockade and blockh....

Historical Marker - Bonham.

Confederate Commissary

Army supply headquarters for northern sub-district of Texas. Dispensed uniforms, clothing, blankets, harness, bridles, gear, saddles, food rations. Beef, pork and wild game were cooked in an Army mess kitchen furnace on this site. At least 7 brigades defending the northeastern frontier of Texas drew....

Historical Marker - Bonham.

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