Uncovered Texas


Little Wichita, Battle of the

In reaction to an Indian attack on a mail stage, Capt. Curwen B. McLellan set out on July 6, 1870, from Fort Richardson with 56 men of the 6th Cavalry. On July 12, McLellan's command encountered a war party of 250 Kiowas led by "Kicking Bird" near the north fork of the Little Wichita (6 miles NW). A....

Historical Marker - Archer City.

Six Flags over Texas

Flags of six different countries have been raised over Texas. In 1519 the land was claimed for Spain, whose explorers came later in search of silver and gold, but found buffalo, Indians and mirages. They planted the red and gold banner of Spain, with its lions and castles, beside the cross of the mi....

Historical Marker - Arlington.

Stonewall County

Explored 1541 on behalf of Spain by Francisco de Coronado. Visited by Texans early as the 1840s. Mapped by U.S. Army expedition of Capt. Randolph March, 1849. Yielded salt for use of early settlers and hunters. Was site of buffalo hunters' capital, Rath City, 1876-1879. County created in 1876; organ....

Historical Marker - Aspermont.

John Bremond & Company, Site of

"Site of John Bremond & Company New York native John Bremond (1813-1866) built a dry goods store at this site as early as 1847. Soon, his dry goods department faced Pecan (Sixth) Street, and the grocery department faced Brazos Street. Active civically, he served as a member of the group that encoura....

Historical Marker - Austin.

Mount Bonnell

Rising 775 feet above sea level, this limestone height was named for George W. Bonnell, who came to Texas with others to fight for Texas independence, 1836. Was commissioner of Indian Affairs in Republic of Texas under president Sam Houston. Moved in 1839 to Austin; there published the "Texas Sentin....

Historical Marker - Austin.

Callahan, James H., Monument

County Organized July 3, 1877 Named for James H. Callahan Ranger, Captain and Indian Fighter....

Historical Marker - Baird.

Brown, W. H.

Born in Georgia. With his parents came to Texas 1857. He and a brother, John, were Texas Rangers -- W. H. ("Billy") serving June-December 1874. Billy Brown was the last man killed by Indians in Runnels County, in a fight to regain stolen horses.....

Historical Marker - Ballinger.

Texas Ranger Trail, Old

This winding, 100-mile trail from San Antonio to Kerrville was, during the 19th century, a strategic patrol road traveled by Texas Rangers to protect the surrounding area from hostile Indian attacks. During uneasy pioneer days roads such as this, regularly scouted by Rangers, helped promote early wh....

Historical Marker - Bandera.

Bandera Pass

Celebrated Indian pass known from the earliest days of Spanish settlement. Identified with many a frontier fight and many a hostile inroad. Old Ranger trail from the Medina to the Guadalupe River and the United States Army route between frontier posts followed this route through the mountains.....

Historical Marker - Bandera Vicinity.

Coalsons, The Pioneer

Indians attacked goat camp of Nick Coalson on June 1, 1877; son Arthur, 10, was killed; Johnny, 14, wounded. Coalson escaped after 3 hours of hard fighting. One year later he lost his wife Alice, a daughter Etta Elizabeth (twin of Arthur), and infant stepson in another Indian raid. Captains Pat Dola....

Historical Marker - Barksdale.

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