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Hurst, William Letchworth

A native of Tennessee, William Letchworth "Uncle Billy" Hurst (1833-1922) served in the Confederate Army during the Civil War. As a member of the Sixty-First Tennessee Infantry, he was involved in fighting near Vicksburg, Mississippi. Following the surrender of his unit to Gen. Ulysses S. Grant in 1....

Historical Marker - Hurst.

Fordtran, Charles

(May 7, 1801-Nov. 1, 1900) In Jan. 1831 Charles Fordtran, a German of Huguenot descent, joined the colony of Stephen F. Austin. His first work was to survey land for Austin's partner, Samuel May Williams. He was given a league (4,428.4 acres) as his fee. Soon he brought in two families of settlers w....

Historical Marker - Industry Vicinity.

Van Dorn Trail

First important wagon road in Wichita County. Blazed by Brevet Major (later general) Earl Van Dorn in September 1858 with 200 men of the crack 2nd U.S. Cavalry. Just ahead of him went young L. S. "Sul" Ross (Governor of Texas 1887-91, and president of Texas A & M College, 1891-98) with 100 Indian sc....

Historical Marker - Iowa Park.

Tarrant, General Edward H.

Veteran of the War of 1812, member of the Texas Congress and a courageous indian fighter. Born in North Carolina, 1796, died in Parker County, Texas, August 2, 1858. Reburied in Ellis County near his former plantation, 1859. His remains removed to the county named in his honor in 1928 and reinterred....

Historical Marker - Italy.

Neches Saline Road, Old

Originally an Indian trail. Used in 1765 by the Spanish priest Calahorra on an Indian peace mission. Gained importance, 1820s, for use in hauling salt from Neches Saline to Nacogdoches. Survivors of the Killough family massacre of 1838 fled via the road to Fort Lacy. The Texas Army used it en route ....

Historical Marker - Jacksonville.


(Published continuously since July 1865) Founded by Capt. Edward Irwin Kellie (1845-1928), a New Orleans newsboy who came to Texas 1859, and worked in a printshop in Galveston. After fighting in the Civil War, he set up shop here with old hand press of pre-war "East Texas Clarion" and "East Texian."....

Historical Marker - Jasper.

Confederate Civil War Meat Packing Plant

About 2 miles to the southwest, the meat plant of J. B. Dunn dressed,packed and shipped beef, pork and mutton to the Confederate army. In 1861 began by packing 150 beeves a day. Well located, on the Cypress Bayou shipping route, with cattle in trailing distance, in east and north Texas. Herds were b....

Historical Marker - Jefferson.

Jones Creek, Battle of

Fought by Texan army of 23 men under Capt. Randal Jones (1786-1873), sent out 1824 by Stephen F. Austin to the lower Brazos to fight cannibal Karankawa Indians. Scouts found the camp here. Attack at dawn found Indians ready with spears. Jones' guns got 15 Indians, dispersed the rest. (1965)....

Historical Marker - Jones Creek.

Taylor, Creed

A two-story ranch house of native stone was built here in 1869-71 by Creed Taylor, veteran of Texas War for Independence. Considered the finest home west of San Antonio, it burned in 1926. Rebuilt by Dillard Stapp, it again burned down in 1956. Taylor (1819-1906) fought in the Battle of Gonzales in ....

Historical Marker - Junction.

Taylor, William Walter

Grandson of Josiah Taylor and grandnephew of Creed Taylor, Indian fighters who took part in Battle of Bandera Pass, 1841. Born at Clinton, Texas; in 1889 he moved to Kimble County, to begin ranching with an uncle. In 1898 became county sheriff. His six terms included critical period of 1902 land rus....

Historical Marker - Junction.

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