Uncovered Texas


Mackenzie Trail

Along this lonely, arid trail Gen. Ranald S. Mackenzie led his troops on scouting forays in the 1870s. Known for bravery and skill as a Civil War officer, he was sent to Texas and quickly adjusted to dangers and problems of frontier fighting. He fought against Comanches at Blanco and Tule Canyons. O....

Historical Marker - Hereford.

Two-Wheel Fire Hose Reel

Hereford's mid-1913 equipment to fight fires. Hand-propelled, or (at a $5 bonus) hauled by the auto or horses of a bystander. Reel cost only $133, but in two months was discarded: a motor truck with ladders was bought. Prior to 1913 the fire wagon in almost every Texas town was drawn by a fine team ....

Historical Marker - Hereford.

Bond's Alley

Local site for politics, peddlers' shows, whittling, cockfights, fisticuffs. Named for Bond's Drug Store, located here since 1881, and sheltering in bad weather people who usually sunned in alley. Early neighbors varied from a Chinese laundry to an auto assembly shop. Recorded Texas Historic Landmar....

Historical Marker - Hillsboro.

Cow Camp Massacre on Hondo Creek

During the mid-1800s the Texas Hill Country was the site of many hostile encounters, some deadly, between pioneer immigrants whose permanent settlements ran counter to area Native Americans accustomed to unrestrained hunting and gathering. One such encounter occurred near this site on January 27, 18....

Historical Marker - Hondo.

Terry, Colonel Benjamin Franklin

(February 18, 1821 - December 17, 1861) Star and Wreath Fort Bend County planter. Member Secession Convention, 1861. Sent to Virginia hoping to fight for South in first battle of war. Cited for valuable volunteer service First Manassas. Raised cavalry regiment that attained renown as Terry's Texas R....

Historical Marker - Houston.

Gregg, Darius

(Nov. 8, 1804 - Mar. 28, 1870) Born in Nicholasville, Jessamine County, Ky. Arrived in Texas, 1827. Received land grant in Austin's second colony, 1831. Fought (Oct.-Dec. 1835) in Siege of Bexar, including the Grass Fight (Nov. 26). Married Susan Speed Bowen, 1840. Was a surveyor in Houston, 1850s-6....

Historical Marker - Houston.

Swearingen, William C.

Born in Kentucky. Arrived at Velasco, January 28, 1836 on the schooner Pennsylvania to fight for the freedom of Texas. A member of Captain Amasa Turner's company at San Jacinto. Died in Houston, December 24, 1839. "Kill William for me and tell him Pappy will be there in the fall and stay with him an....

Historical Marker - Houston.

Houston Light Guard

Organized as a Texas Militia unit on April 21, 1873, the Houston Light Guard originally participated in parades, ceremonies, and competitive drills, and served as guard of honor for visiting dignitaries. The first commander was Capt. Edwin Fairfax Gray (1829-1884), then the city engineer of Houston.....

Historical Marker - Houston.

Alief Cemetery

The first permanent settlers in this area were Dr. John Magee and his wife, Alief, who came from Ellis County in 1896. The community originally was known as Dairy, but was renamed in 1897 for Mrs. Magee, the town's first postmistress. By 1899, there was a small but growing community here, with most ....

Historical Marker - Houston.

Brookfield-Evans-Cremer House

William Brookfield (1786-1849) and Musgrove Evans (1785-1855) brought their families from Michigan to Texas in the early 1830s. Brookfield and Evans' son Samuel bought the 1832 David Berry league, where this house stands, in 1835. Samuel died at the Alamo the following year. Musgrove Evans and Brook....

Historical Marker - Hoyston.

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