Uncovered Texas


Lomax, John A., Boyhood Home of

Only a log kitchen now marks the homesite of John Lomax, one of the foremost collectors of American folksongs. Here, on part of the Chisholm Trail, young Lomax heard cowboys crooning and yodeling to restless herds; Negro servants taught him jig tunes, chants, work songs, and calls; and on winter nig....

Historical Marker - Meridian.

Indian Fight, Vicinity of

On New Year's Day, 1871, Indian raiders who had stolen horses in Coleman County were pursued and overtaken here by 18 Texas Rangers and cowboys. Leaders of the group were Captain James. M. Swisher and rancher Sam Gholson. The Indians took refuge in the heights west of Mountain Pass. The ensuing batt....

Historical Marker - Merkel.


Oldest town in Texas Panhandle. Originally, a trading post, 2 miles south, 1874; moved nearer to Fort Elliott, 1875. Earlier called Sweetwater, was renamed in 1879. Courthouse was completed by Mark Huselby, first county tax assessor, and other citizens. Popular with hunters, cowboys, gamblers - town....

Historical Marker - Mobeetie.

Cochran County

Created August 21, 1876, from Bexar County. Named for a native of New Jersey, Robert Cochran, a private who died for Texas Independece in the siege of the Alamo. Indian hostilities and the distance to market and supplies made settlement slow. The 1900 census listed 25 cowboys. In 1910 there were 75 ....

Historical Marker - Morton.

Virginia City, Site of

Part of a land promotion scheme begun 1908. Advertised as future metropolis by shrewd dealers, who implied that good rains and bumper crops were typical of region. Naive buyers were treated to tours through town, where they saw shops, a lot reserved for the courthouse, and a roadbed for the railroad....

Historical Marker - Muleshoe Vicinity.

Griffin, Site of

Founded by settlers who came from Griffin, Georgia. In the early 1850s became a flourishing town. Birthplace of John Benjamin Kendrick (1857-1933), Texas cowboy who settled in Wyoming in 1879 after going up the trail for years with herds of cattle. He served in Wyoming State Senate, 1910-1914, Gover....

Historical Marker - New Summerfield.

Ector County Land Rush

Here in 1904 a fight involved almost every man in Ector County, over filing a claim for 4 sections of public land. Elias Dawson and Charlie Lewis each brought friends to help him file. Before courthouse doors opened, several men had clothes or boots torn off, in foes' efforts to find filing papers. ....

Historical Marker - Odessa.

Baker Ranch School

Since there were no public schools in rural Ector County, R.W. Smith and Teague Baker in 1906 erected an 8'x10' school building in Baker's pasture. They hired a teacher at $15 a month, plus room and board, which each furnished on alternate months. Ranch schools like this one taught not only children....

Historical Marker - Odessa.

Little Salt Creek Indian Fight

Duel between a cattle roundup crew and Indians, on May 16, 1869. Cowboys attacked at their work were Shapley Carter, Bill Crow, and Henry Harrison, all of Palo Pinto County; crew captain Ira E. Graves, J. W. Gray, W. C. Kutch, and Jason McClain, of Jack County; George and John Lemley and Rube Seachr....

Historical Marker - Olney.

Crockett County Courthouse

Built 1902. Second courthouse for county. American Gothic architecture, planned by Oscar Ruffini, San Angelo. Material is fine stone quarried nearby on Meyer and Couch properties. Cost $30,000. Early day community social center. Used for cowboy dances, box suppers, Christmas trees, roundup celebrati....

Historical Marker - Ozona.

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