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Beef Trail Crossing, Old

Once used for revivals, this Llano River crossing became a main line of the spring cattle drives from 1867 to the 1880s. Capt. C. A. Schreiner and his partners herded cattle on their way to Abilene and Dodge City on the western trail; many area cowboys rode with them. Preceded by a trail boss and ch....

Historical Marker - London.

Wallace, D.W.

Born of slave parents, Victoria County. At 15 became a cowboy. Rode from Old Mexico to Kansas. In 1877, came to this county, riding for Clay Hann, whose "80" brand gave him name for rest of life. On Mann's advice, bought land; past 25, and 6'3" tall, went back to school. Left Mann's for own ranch, 1....

Historical Marker - Loraine.

Robertson, A. B., Ranch

A noted pioneer in the West Texas cattle industry, Andrew Briggs ("Sug") Robertson was born in 1855 in Indiana. While still a young boy he came to Texas and learned the skills of a cowboy. Iin 1901 he bought land in this area and established the "V" ranch, stocked it with Hereford cattle, and made a....

Historical Marker - Lorenzo Vicinity.

Bledsoe Santa Fe Depot

A relic from one of America's last frontiers. Built in 1925 on range land of newly organized Cochran County, at Bledsoe, this structure not only served its purpose as a railroad station, but was a meeting hall for churches and social groups. Sheepherders and cowboys would bed down on its floor when ....

Historical Marker - Lubbock.

Lubbock Cemetery, City of

City of Lubbock Cemetery In March 1892, a delegation of Lubbock residents requested five acres of pasture land from rancher H.M. Bandy for use as a cemetery. That same month, they held the first burial, that of a Cochran County cowboy, Henry Jenkins, who died of pneumonia while staying at a local ho....

Historical Marker - Lubbock.

Lubbock Lake Site

This bend in the Yellowhouse Canyon has seen the passing of man from the time of the prehistoric mammouth-hunting Llano culture of 12,000 years ago. An archeological site of great importance lies in the bottom of this valley; here is recorded the evidence of periodic visits by nomadic hunting groups....

Historical Marker - Lubbock.

Gillett, James Buchanan

A very famous Texas Ranger. Born in Austin, son of Adjutant General of Texas. At 16 became cowboy on western frontier. At 19 joined Rangers; hunted down raiding Indians, rustlers, feuding settlers. After serving 1875-1881, became El Paso city marshal. Ranched 41 years in far West Texas (living in an....

Historical Marker - Marfa.

Cottonwood Mott Line Camp

(Private Property) The Cottonwood Mott, named for the stand, or mott, of trees which surrounded a natural spring here, was the site of a line camp as early as 1878. Cowboys used the camp as a base from which to work, herding cattle and mending fences on the ranch. A log cabin was built here by emplo....

Historical Marker - Matador.

1870s Cowboy-Indian Fight

(Battleground 1 mi. N of Marker) Near here in 1874 or 1875, 18 Indians attacked W. B. Brown and two comrades, spooking one horse and capturing bedrolls and grub, but sparing the men, who thankfully escaped. In the 1870s, when they were being driven off the range, capture of supplies meant victory ot....

Historical Marker - Melvin.

Pioneer Rest Cemetery

Burial plot was begun by Adam Bradford, who buried his father, Jack Bradford, here in 1863. As the town and cemetery grew, the city bought the tract from Mrs. Gustav E. Schleicher in 1904. Fence surrounding cemetery was built of stone from the old courthouse and jail, razed in 1931, and reputed to h....

Historical Marker - Menard.

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