Uncovered Texas


Dewey Lake, Old

Once an important landmark for early surveys of this area, Dewey Lake got its name after surveyors returned from here to headquarters and found, to their embarrassment, they had not yet named this site. Gallantly, they decided to call it after land office employee Miss Dewey. Lake Shore was site of ....

Historical Marker - Crosbyton.

Stell, Thomas M.

Born in Florida; came to Texas in childhood. A cowboy in youth -- drove cattle to Kansas, Wyoming. Attended Covey College, Concrete. Appointed sheriff of De Witt County, 1892; he served 15 years. Used persuasiveness and tact in handling duties. One of the prisoners he held was notorious gunman John ....

Historical Marker - Cuero.

Chisholm Trail, Old

From site near here, 1800 Longhorns were moved out April 1, 1866, on first trail drive from this area to northern markets. Crockett Cardwell, owner of cattle bedground, had gathered the herd. The trail boss was Thornton Chisholm, a native of DeWitt County. Indian Scout Jesse Chisholm in 1865 had mar....

Historical Marker - Cuero.

Duke, Mrs. Cordia Sloan

(Jan. 10, 1887 - July 23, 1966) Chronicler of a unique era in the history of the Southwest. Born in Belton, Mo. At 17, taught school in Indian Territory (Okla.) In 1907, she married Robert L. Duke, a ranch hand who had risen to division manager of the XIT Ranch (then world's largest). In addition to....

Historical Marker - Dalhart.

XIT Ranch, Heartland of Old

Great Texas ranch of international fame. Payment made in an 1882 contract for the construction of granite capitol building in Austin. As contractors, some out-of-state investors (headed by the wealthy Chicago merchants, John V. and Senator C.B. Farwell) built the largest state capitol in North Ameri....

Historical Marker - Dalhart.

Cattle Trail Crossing

Near this site ran one of the many "feeder" branches of the famous Chisholm Trail, best-known of all the cattle trails that once linked the vast grasslands of Texas with the meat-hungry markets of the north. The original trail, which stretched from the North Canadian to the Arkansas River, was blaze....

Historical Marker - Decatur.

Doans' Adobe Building

Corwin F. Doan (1848-1929) settled here on Red River in 1878; erected this house in 1881. In his early picket store and later, permanent building, he had large stocks of goods to supply the cowboys who annually drove cattle in herds of thousands along the Western Trail. The village of "Doan's Crossi....

Historical Marker - Doan's Community.

Hardin, John Wesley

(May 26, 1853 - August 19, 1895) Born in Bonham, Texas, John Wesley Hardin was named for the founder of Methodism. "Wes" Hardin grew into a family man, cowboy, and outlaw who claimed to have killed more than 30 men. An unusual sort of gunslinger, Hardin considered himself a pillar of society who kil....

Historical Marker - El Paso.

Goshen Cemetery

The community of Goshen was established after the Civil War. Named for the biblical "Land of Milk and Honey," the town of Goshen served the rural farms and communities as a marketing center. It was also a rest stop for trail drivers herding cattle on the Chisholm Trail from East Texas. Goshen existe....

Historical Marker - Eustace.

Bloys Camp Meeting

Held each year since 1890. Founded by Rev. W. B. Bloys, a Presbyterian. His camp pulpit was an Arbuckle Coffee crate. First campers, 48 people from remote ranches and towns, slept in tents, wagons. Family groups had chuck-box meals, sharing with guests. Some 1,500 attend mid-August meetings today. S....

Historical Marker - Fort Davis.

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