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Randall County Courthouse

In county created 1876, organized 1889. Built on eve of opening West Texas State University. Replaced 3-story frame courthouse in which first school in county was held; where cowboys wore off tin roof by holding dances on it. Recorded Texas Historical Landmark, 1965.....

Historical Marker - Canyon.

Barbed Wire Fence in the Panhandle

In the latter 1880s, when fencing was needed in the treeless Texas Panhandle, the solution proved to be barbed wire. Joseph F. Glidden of Illinois devised and by 1876 was manufacturing (with I. L. Ellwood) the first really practical barbed wire on the market. H. B. Sanborn was sent to Texas as their....

Historical Marker - Canyon.

Old Mobeetie Trail

(to early town, about 40 mi. NE) A road older than recorded history; carved out in centuries of wintertime travel to the south, spring migration to the north, by millions of bison and by Indians who lived by hunting these large animals. Important in era of Texas Panhandle settlement. Used in 1873-18....

Historical Marker - Clarendon.

First United Methodist Church of Clarendon

When the Rev. Lewis H. Carhart, a Methodist minister, founded Clarendon, he envisioned it as a religious and educational center. The town was established in 1878 near the junction of Carroll Creek and the Salt Fork of the Red River, six miles north of its present location. Local cowboys nicknamed th....

Historical Marker - Clarendon.

Great Panhandle Indian Scare of 1891

Although most Indians had left the Texas Panhandle by the 1880s, fear of Indian attacks was still prevalent among settlers who arrived in the next decade. On Jan. 29, 1891, rumors of approaching Indians spread throughout the entire region. For three days settlers barricaded their homes and communiti....

Historical Marker - Claude.

Colorado City, Founding of, The

Founded, 1880, at the crossing of the Colorado River and Texas & Pacific Railroad right-of-way; central shipping point and supply depot for the sprawling cattle ranches of West Texas and New Mexico. From 1880 (when A.W. Dunn opened his dirt-floor, tent-roof general store) to 1890 the boisterous catt....

Historical Marker - Colorado City.

First National Bank of Corsicana

An institution whose history reflects rise of a landmark city. Corsicana was founded about 1850. In 1871, when the Houston & Texas Central gave the town rail connections with national commerce, two former H. & T. C. employees established this bank as a private concern. The men were Capt. James Garit....

Historical Marker - Corsicana.

Content Cemetery

Opened 1883 with burial of a cowboy, James Hanna. Confederate veteran John A. Hanna, of Co. A, 8th regt., Texas Cavalry, Army of Tennessee, was buried here 1889. Their sister Amanda, her husband John Hardegree, and two children, and three of John A. Hanna's infant grandchildren also rest here.....

Historical Marker - Crews.

Crosbyton Cemetery

Established in 1909, this cemetery was once part of a 90,000-acre ranch operated by the C. B. Livestock Company. Julian Bassett, part owner of the company and donor of the Crosbyton townsite, also gave the land for this burial ground when James Boggs, a cowboy on the ranch, was ill and was thought t....

Historical Marker - Crosbyton.

Texas Ranger Campsite

Law and order for plains area began here in 1879 with creation of Camp Roberts, first ranger station in Panhandle. Company C of the newly formed Frontier Battalion of Texas Rangers was located here and commanded by Captain G. W. Arrington, Civil War veteran, hard-fighting Ranger, later a Panhandle s....

Historical Marker - Crosbyton.

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