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Chisholm Trail Centennial Monument, Old

From Longhorn cattle gathering site, 1800 Longhorns were headed up and moved out of Cardwell Flats near here on April 1, 1866 on first Chisholm cattle drive to northern markets. Crockett Cardwell, owner of cattle bedground had gathered the herd with Thornton Chisholm of De Witt County serving as Tra....

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Chisholm Trail

Iberian range cattle, progenitors of the Texas longhorn, were brought into Texas by Spain in the 1600s and 1700s. The cattle thrived on the area's rich grasslands and roamed throughout Texas. At the time of the Texas Revolution (1835-36) vast Mexican ranchos with their illustrious vaqueros (Spanish ....

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Trickham, Town of

Oldest town in county; founded about 1855 as a cowboy trading post for ranching activities of cattle baron John Chisum. During 1860-1890, it was a boisterous community at a crossroads of cattle trails. Because of notorious jokes played at local general store, "Trick'em" was suggested for name of pos....

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ABERDEEN, TEXAS (Collingsworth County). Aberdeen, in northeastern Collingsworth County, was a division headquarters of the Rocking Chair Ranch . The town was named for the earl of Aberdeen, one of the British owners, and planned in 1889 to be the nucleus of this ranching enterprise. A post office wa....

Ghosttown - Aberdeen.


AYR, TEXAS . Ayr, in Deaf Smith County, was established in January 1890 when the Fort Worth and Denver City Railway sent a party of fifteen surveyors under Robert E. Montgomery and H. H. Granger to survey a projected spur from Washburn southwest through the center of the county. The purpose of the s....

Ghosttown - Ayr.


BLUFFTON, TEXAS . Bluffton, also known as New Bluffton, is on Farm Road 2241 near the western shore of Lake Buchanan twelve miles northeast of Llano in northeastern Llano County. One of the earliest settlements in the region that was to become Llano County, Bluffton originated when Billy Davis settl....

Ghosttown - Bluffton.


BRONCO, TEXAS . Bronco is on U.S. Highway 380 and the New Mexico border, seventy miles southwest of Lubbock in western Yoakum County. Just two miles west of the town lies old Pueblo Springs, a watering place for Indians before Europeans came to the plains. Sulphur Draw, the headwaters of the Colorad....

Ghosttown - Bronco.


BURKETT, TEXAS . Burkett, on State Highway 206 in northeastern Coleman County, was named in 1886 for its first postmaster, William Burkett. The original name, Pleasant Valley, was rejected by the post office. The first settlers were cowboys of the McClennan ranch, who secured land in the area and es....

Ghosttown - Burkett.


COLDWATER, TEXAS (Sherman County). Coldwater, on Coldwater Creek in the central part of the county, became the county seat when Sherman County was organized in 1889. Some fifteen cowboys of the William B. Slaughter ranch (Coldwater Cattle Company) lived in the community, which in 1890 had the only p....

Ghosttown - Coldwater.

Doan's Crossing

DOANS, TEXAS . Doans, also known as Doan's Store or Doan's Crossing, is at the junction of Farm roads 2916 and 924, a mile southwest of the Red River in north central Wilbarger County. Jonathan Doan and his nephew Corwin Doan established a trading post in 1878 to serve the cattle drivers who used th....

Ghosttown - Doan's Crossing.

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