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Historic LS, The

Great early ranch well known to badman Billy the Kid and other famed western characters. The LS was founded in 1870s by former Indian territory trader W. M. D. Lee and New York financier Lucien Scott. Through Lee's efforts, the LS had water and grass for over 100,000 cattle and sometimes drove 6 or ....

Historical Marker - Vega.

Tascosa, Old

Old Tascosa, cowboy capital of the plains, lay one-half mile northeast. In its brief span it became the center of the open-range world. Stomping ground for some of the West's most notorious bad men and focal point for cattle thieves and ranchmen. Because of the easy crossing of the Canadian River at....

Historical Marker - Vega.

Tonkawa Bank (Vista of Mission Espiritu Santo)

Campsite for Franciscans from Mission Espiritu Santo (La Bahia) bringing Christian teachings to Indians associated with Mission. Tonkawas and other tribes were in locality when first visited by the Spaniards, 1689. Indians were sought as converts after Mission was founded in 1722. In turn, converts ....

Historical Marker - Victoria.

Ikard, Bose

(July 1834 - January 4, 1929) Born a slave in Mississippi, Bose Ikard came to Texas as a child with the family of his owner, Dr. Milton L. Ikard. He remained as an employee of Dr. Ikard following his emancipation, but in 1866 joined a cattle drive to Colorado led by Charles Goodnight and Oliver Lovi....

Historical Marker - Weatherford.

Porter, Millie, House

Built 1914 by Mr. & Mrs. J. M. Porter, pioneer settlers; Porter, an ex-cowboy, ranched near here after marrying Millie, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. J. R. Jones, 1886 settlers in Mobeetie area. Millie (1877-1957) as a child helped herd sheep; she attended Fort Worth University as a girl, University of Okl....

Historical Marker - Wheeler.

Last Great Panhandle Cattle Drive to Montana

Each Spring and Summer after 1880, many Texas herds went up the trail to Northern states for fattening. For the cowboys, trail drives meant hard work. They had to turn stampedes, ford rivers and quicksand streams, and fight Indians and cattle thieves. They endured hunger, thirst, and other physical ....

Historical Marker - White Deer.

Wichita Falls Bank Robbery of 1896

On the afternoon of February 25, 1896, two cowboys, Foster Crawford and Elmer "Kid" Lewis, robbed the City National Bank, then located at Ohio and 7th Street (2 blocks east). They killed cashier Frank Dorsey, took about $410 cash, and fled on horseback. A posse of citizens and Texas Rangers captured....

Historical Marker - Wichita Falls.

Palo Duro Wildorado Cemetery

Early settlers to this area included the J.C. Womble family, which came in January 1892. The next year, the community obtained land on which to build a schoolhouse, known as the Union School. In May 1893, George D. Whitfield, a young cowboy, was buried in what was the schoolyard. His is the first ma....

Historical Marker - Wildorado.

O'Neal Home

Built 1900. Owned since 1914 by family of John D. O'Neal , a western cowboy who moved to town to educate his children. an Odessa Landmark.....

Historical Marker - .

Cowboy Strike

(2 miles south) Began in Spring of 1883 when range hands from LS, LX, LIT and other large ranches organized a strike for better wages; was a reaction to loss of privileges given earlier and to attitude of big land owners toward cowboys. Several hired hands gathered at Alamocitos, headquarters of LS,....

Historical Marker - .

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