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Cee Vee Cemetery

The Cee Vee community dates to 1926, with earlier ties to cattlemen Clairborne Varner and Charles Goodnight, who grazed herds in the area using the C V brand. As ranchland gave way to family farms, the community that developed here soon boasted a cotton gin, stores, churches and a school. Tradition ....

Historical Marker - Paducah.

Coffey, Rich, House

Rich Coffey (1823-1897) was a prominent pioneer and settler in the part of the state that now encompasses Runnels and Concho counties. In 1862 Coffey moved his family, cattle, and cowboys to a site near present day Ballinger. Several years later he established a settlement at the confluence of the C....

Historical Marker - Paint Rock.

Chisum, John S., Confederate Beef Contractor

(1824-1884) On this site during the Civil War and later, grazed by tens of thousands the Longhorns of cattle baron John S. Chisum. Ranch headquarters were 10 miles east. Here in 1863-1865, Chisum not only ranched but also was buyer of cattle to feed Confederate armies stationed west of the Mississip....

Historical Marker - Paint Rock Vicinity.

South Union Missionary Baptist Church

In 1893, the Rev. Richard Henry Boyd (1843-1927), a native of Mississippi, organized the South Union Baptist Church of Palestine with 31 charter members. Boyd, known as the "Cowboy Preacher," had established churches around Texas, including Palestine's West Union congregation. The South Union Church....

Historical Marker - Palestine.

Old County Jail

Built to replace a log jail, this native sandstone structure was erected by contractors Martin, Byrne and Johnston of Comanche. J. C. McQuerry was sheriff when it was finished (1880). The first floor was used for county offices until a new courthouse was finished. It then housed the jailer's family,....

Historical Marker - Palo Pinto.

Finch-Lord-Nelson and the Founding of Panhandle City

Cattle firm that had brought first Herefords to region-- Lue Finch, W. H. Lord, O. H. Nelson-- in 1887 promoted Panhandle City, as railroad line approached. They sent in ten cowboys to stake claims around city, which prospered as county seat. The Finch-Lord-Nelson firm (which included John A. Finch ....

Historical Marker - Panhandle.

Last Great Panhandle Cattle Drive to Montana

Each spring and summer after 1880, many Texas herds went up the trail to Northern states for fattening. For the cowboys, trail drives meant hard work. They had to turn stampedes, ford rivers and quicksand streams, and fight Indians and cattle thieves. They endured hunger, thirst, and other physical ....

Historical Marker - Panhandle.

Chisum, John S.

(1824-1884) Cattle baron whose herds, moving from east to west Texas and into New Mexico, expanded into one of the greatest cattle spreads in the west. Coming from Tennessee to Paris, 1837, Chisum joined S. K. Fowler in a cattle venture in Denton County, 1854. During the Civil War, he supplied beef ....

Historical Marker - Paris.

Pierce, Shanghai, Ranch

The home of a great trail driver Abel H. Pierce, born in June 29, 1834. Died December 26, 1900. From a penniless cowboy, he rose through energy and shrewdness to the rank of "cattle king."....

Historical Marker - Pierce.

Yoakum County

Created August 21, 1876, from Bexar County. Named for Henderson Yoakum, who wrote a classic on early Texas history. Only Texas county named for an author. Indian activity and frontier hazards made growth slow. Only itinerant buffalo hunters and scattered ranchers here until after 1900. County organi....

Historical Marker - Plains.

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