Uncovered Texas

Civil War

Camp Montel C.S.A. and Texas Civil War Frontier Defense

Site 25 mi. West on Hy. 470, 1 mi. South. Established 1862 as part of Red River-Rio Grande defense line. Named for Captain Charles DeMontel, surveyor and colonizer of Bandera, leader of county defenses. Occupied by troops of Texas frontier regiment who furnished their own guns and mounts but often l....

Historical Marker - Bandera.

Bluntzer, Nicholas

(October 29, 1835-September 5, 1901) A native of the French province of Alsace, Nicholas Bluntzer came to Texas at age nine with his parents and other Alsatian families led by colonizer Henri Castro. The Bluntzer family settled in DeWitt County, in an area along Coleto Creek which would become the t....

Historical Marker - Banquete.

Banquete Cemetery

In June 1832 the colony of Irish families settled along the Nueces River by John McMullen and James McGloin was linked to Mexico by completion of the Matamoros Road. Mexican officials sponsored a Fiesta near this site as a goodwill gesture to the colonists. The village that later grew up here was ca....

Historical Marker - Banquete.

Banquete, C.S.A.

In the critical civil war years, Banquete meant water, supplies, repairs and defenses to thousands on arid trips along the Cotton Road to Mexico. The Cotton Road was well known, for it followed a segment of the historic "King's Highway" of early explorers. Yet its vital role for 4 years in supplying....

Historical Marker - Banquete.

Santa Margarita Crossing

Ranchers occupying the 1804 Spanish land grant of Jose Herrera established this crossing of the Nueces and named the scattered settlement Santa Margarita. In 1828, John McMullen and James McGloin received a land grant from the Mexican government for an irish colony north of the river and founded the....

Historical Marker - Banquete.

Stockton Family Cemetery

The Stockton Family Cemetery is located on land originally granted in 1859 by Texas governor Hardin R. Runnels to Moses Allen, a veteran of the Siege of Bexar. Douglas Hayden Stockton and his wife Mary Elizabeth (White) brought their family to Bell County in 1870. With partner J.O. Darby, the Stockt....

Historical Marker - Bartlett.

McKay, Daniel

(October 16, 1814-October 9, 1889) Born in Maine. Came to Texas in 1834 with Sterling C. Robertson's Colony. Settled near Nashville. Participated in Battle of San Jacinto (Co. H, 1st Regt.) during the Texas War for Independence, 1836. In 1845 he married Jane Bryant, daughter of Benjamin Bryant. The ....

Historical Marker - Bartlett Vicinity.

Donohoe Cemetery

Established in the 1860s by pioneer settlers Samuel G. and Helen Leatherman, this cemetery served as the community burial ground for citizens of Donohoe. The earliest documented grave here is that of the Leathermans' infant grandson, who died in 1869. Other interments include those of an unidentifie....

Historical Marker - Bartlett Vicinity.

Bastrop Advertiser, The

In June 1852, Bastrop's Colorado Reveille Newspaper ended its brief run. In December of that year, William J. Cain, a young printer from Mississippi, bought the press and printing materials and started the Bastrop Advertiser. The newspaper began as a weekly publication from a shop on Main Street in ....

Historical Marker - Bastrop.

First Baptist Church of Bastrop

"On August 3, 1850, Elder G. G. Baggerly, pastor at the First Baptist Church of Austin, organized the Missionary Baptist Church of Bastrop with eleven members. On September 5, 1850, the new church sent its first messengers to the Colorado Baptist Association's fourth annual session in Seguin. Member....

Historical Marker - Bastrop.

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