Uncovered Texas

Civil War

Azle School

According to local tradition, pioneer settler J.G. Reynolds started the first area school in the 1850s. Early classes were held in log cabins and in the Ash Creek Baptist Church building. Despite interruptions caused by Indian attacks and the Civil War, the Azle Schools grew through consolidation wi....

Historical Marker - Azle.

Rice, William M.

William M. Rice first came to Texas in 1834 and settled in what is now Nacogdoches County, where he was involved in frontier defense and served as an Alcalde in the Mexican Government. He served in the Texas Revolution and was wounded in the Battle at San Jacinto. He and his wife, Mariah, later live....

Historical Marker - Azle.

Hoggard-Reynolds Cemetery

According to oral history, pioneer farmer and Confederate widow Sarah Hoggard gave a plot of her land for the burial of an African American child who died while traveling through the area with his family after the Civil War. Though there may be earlier graves, the first marked burial on this site if....

Historical Marker - Azle.

Maltby, William Jeff

(December 7, 1829 - June 27, 1908) A native of Illinois, William Jeff Maltby gained fame as a frontiersman, veteran of the Mexican War and American Civil War and Texas Ranger. Maltby began his Texas exploits about 1850, building frontier forts for the U. S. Army. He retired to Callahan County in 187....

Historical Marker - Baird.

Camp Pecan, C.S.A.

This Civil War camp of the Texas frontier regiment was located 21 miles southeast. Established in 1862 as one of a line of posts a day's horseback ride apart. The number of men guarding the frontier were few. Trouble came from all directions with Indian threats and raids from the west and plundering....

Historical Marker - Baird.

Callahan City

Callahan County was created in 1858 and named for Texas Ranger James H. Callahan (1814-56). Permanent settlement of this area began after the Civil War (1861-65). Residents petitioned in 1877 for organization of county government. Callahan City, then a village with two stores and a post office, beca....

Historical Marker - Baird Vicinity.

Bald Prairie Cemetery

A leading citizen, Elijah Rains (1813-1889), who came to Texas from Tennessee in 1848, gave this burial ground to the public. Duck Creek people soon joined the Prairie people in its use. The earliest known burial was Walter Pirtle, date uncertain. The grave of Samuel E. Lightsey (1827-1872) has the ....

Historical Marker - Bald Prairie.

Adams, Sylvester

Born in Tennessee, Adams as a youth came to Texas with his father. A firm believer in the Confederate cause, he served at Galveston during the Civil War. He helped organize Runnels County; was first county judge, 1880-1884; also served 1886-1888. He helped plan aid for his drouth-stricken county, 18....

Historical Marker - Ballinger.

Pickettville, Site of

First civilian settlement in Runnels County. Founded 1862 by frontiersmen whose picket houses and corrals gave place its name. Original settlers included Mr. and Mrs. John W. Guest and three sons; Henry and R. K. Wylie, their cowboys and Negro servant; Mrs. Felicia Gordon and five sons. In 1862, "Ri....

Historical Marker - Ballinger.


Originally called Hutchins City. Promoted by Santa Fe Rwy. Named for Judge William Pitt Ballinger (1825-1888), railroad attorney and townsite official. Distinguished Texas statesmen, veteran of the Mexican War. In the Civil War helped establish defenses of Galveston, served as Confederate receiver o....

Historical Marker - Ballinger.

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