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Civil War

Teague Cemetery

Named for John Teague, a veteran of the War with Mexico (1846-48), who came from Missouri with his family in 1858 and settled this land. Teague also served on the frontier during the Civil War. Teague’s mother, or a son, was possibly the first burial here. The earliest gravestone is that of the Rev.....

Historical Marker - Aurora.

Jones, Major John B.

Famed defender of the frontier. Instilled ideals of excellence into Texas Rangers. Born in South Carolina. Came to Republic of Texas 1839. Educated at Old Baylor and Rutersville, where students had to defend school from Indian attacks. In Civil War, 1861-65, served with Terry's Texas Rangers and Spe....

Historical Marker - Austin.

Texas in the Civil War - Federal Forces

When Texas joined the Confederacy in 1861, some men disagreed. Mainly these were from foreign countries or the North, or did not uphold states' rights. Some of them left here and joined Northern army units. Others joined Federal forces near home. A 1st Texas Cavalry (Union), made up of 310 men in 8 ....

Historical Marker - Austin.

Tips, Walter, Company Building, The

German native Walter Tips (1841-1911) migrated to the United States with his family in 1849 and served in the Confederate Army during the Civil War. In 1872 he and his partners, Williams Clemens and Joseph Faust of New Braunfels, purchased the Austin hardware business of Tips' brother Edward who had....

Historical Marker - Austin.

Fort Magruder, C.S.A.

"Fort Magruder, C.S.A. During the Civil War, Fort Magruder was built near here west of Congress Avenue. Named for Gen. John Bankhead Magruder, commander of Texas Confederate forces, it was one of three forts planned to protect Austin from a possible Union attack from the coast. In the winter of 1863....

Historical Marker - Austin.

Eanes-Marshall Ranch

Alexander Eanres (1806-1888) moved to Texas from Mississippi in 1845 and acquired this ranch by 1857. In 1873 he sold the property to his brother, Robert Eanes (1805-1895), who had moved to the area following the Civil War. A log cabin built on the Eanes ranch was the first Eanes school, and the com....

Historical Marker - Austin.

Texas Newspapers, C.S.A.

Among privations endured in Texas during the Civil War (1861-65) was the shortage of newspapers, which dwindled from 82 (combined circulation: 100,000) to fewer than 20 by early 1862. Many newspapermen had closed shop and enlisted at once, when the war began. Others were forced to quit for lack of i....

Historical Marker - Austin.

Austin, C.S.A.

An active place during the Civil War, Austin was the site of the secession convention, March 2, 1861, and legislative sessions which lasted until June 1865. City visitors during the early 1860s included lobbyists, cotton speculators, military leaders, and businessmen seeking to aid the war effort. F....

Historical Marker - Austin.

Evans, Ira Hobart

Born in New Hampshire, Ira H.Evans grew up in Vermont. During the Civil War he served in the Union Army, attaining the rank of major. He received the Congressional Medal of Honor and in 1865 was a member of the Honor Guard of President Lincoln. Following the war Evans was stationed in Texas along th....

Historical Marker - Austin.

Confederate Veterans

From 1865 until World War I, Civil War veterans were leaders in economic and public life in Texas. Every locality had its United Confederate Veterans Camp, with yearly reunions. Texas railroads gave free passes to veterans and widows. but while the U.S. Treasury gave ample pensions to Federals, the ....

Historical Marker - Austin.

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