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Civil War

Mount Zion Cemetery

John Jennings (1802-1867), his wife Sarah C. (Sally) (1806-1879), and their family came to this area in 1851. The settlement which grew up around their farm became known as Jennings Creek community. After Burnet County was created in 1852, John Jennings was instrumental in organizing the new county ....

Historical Marker - Bertram.

Oatmeal Cemetery

Some of the earliest pioneers of the Oatmeal community are interred in this cemetery. The oldest documented burials are those of Mary Smith and her year-old daughter, Fanny, both of whom died on September 16, 1854. Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Roundtree deeded the two acres of land containing the cemetery in ....

Historical Marker - Bertram.

Bethel Cemetery

Originally part of a Mexican land grant awarded to Jose de Jesus Grande in 1828, land at this site was later granted to early area settler Henry Rampy. Rampy, who had come to this part of Texas in 1848, deeded 5 acres of his land in 1859 for a community cemetery and church. The earliest significant ....

Historical Marker - Bethel.

Comanche War Trail

For Comanche war parties, about 1750 to 1875, the Big Spring was an oasis. Here paths from northeast, north and northwest twined into the War Trail that led to San Antonio and other Texas points, and down into Mexico. At the Big Spring, parties from far away as the Arkansas Valley could rest their h....

Historical Marker - Big Spring.

Birdston Valley

Developed as a community of former slaves following the Civil War, Birdston Valley takes its name from the nearby settlement of Birdston (2 miles south). Located on Richland Creek bottom lands, residents of the community were primarily farmers. The Birdston Valley Cemetery may have been used as earl....

Historical Marker - Birdston.

Mount Horeb Baptist Church

Born a slave in Virginia, Peyton Roberts became a freedman in Caldwell County, Texas, at the close of the Civil War. He soon moved west to this area and the settlement that developed around his farm became known as Peyton Colony. In 1874, under the direction of the Rev. Jack Burch, residents of the ....

Historical Marker - Blanco Vicinity.

Bleakwood Cemetery

Pioneers who settled the Bleakwood community after the Civil War established thriving mill and cotton gin businesses. Mill-owner Reuben Bennington donated an acre of land for this cemetery to serve area residents. The oldest marked grave, that of Doulie Lee, is dated Jan. 24, 1871. In 1940 J. K. Wil....

Historical Marker - Bleakwood.

Biloxi Community

Settlement of this area began in the early 19th Century, as people moved into Texas from the southern United States. A post office was established in 1849, and continued settlement resulted in the building of homes, businesses, schools, and churches. Many former slaves established homes here followi....

Historical Marker - Bleakwood.

Ashby-Wilson Creek Community

"Ashby-Wilson Creek Community William Erastus Moore, a New Jersey native, settled in Indianola in the 1850s. After serving with Terry's Texas Rangers in the Civil War, he returned to settle on land northeast of Blessing and named the surrounding agricultural community in honor of Col. Henry M. Ashby....

Historical Marker - Blessing.

Dresden Cemetery

The pioneer town of Dresden was originally named for its founder, Ethan Melton (1793-1873), who settled here in 1841. The first post office in Navarro County was established in Melton in 1846. The original three-acre portion of this cemetery, probably opened for burials in the 1840s, was donated to ....

Historical Marker - Blooming Grove.

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