Uncovered Texas

Civil War

Civil War Bell - 1908


Postcard - Houston.

Confederate Monument (Civil War)


Neighborhood - Texarkana.

Parramore Post #57, American Legion

Founded in March 1919, the American Legion was established as a World War I veterans' organization. Abilene Post No. 57 was organized on July fourth and chartered in September of that year, one of one hundred such chapters formed in the legion's first six months. Soon after its inception the post wa....

Historical Marker - Abilene.

Taylor County

Created 1858. Named for Edward, James and George Taylor, 18, 20, and 22, Tennesseans who came to Texas in 1833 and died at the Alamo, March 6, 1836. Organized 1878, with county seat at Buffalo Gap, through which went the Fort Concho to Fort Belknap stagecoach and longhorns on western trail up to Kan....

Historical Marker - Abilene.

Patterson, John, House

Built 1879-1880 by John Patterson, first man to cultivate (in 1854) land in county, and a Minute Man during Civil War. Recorded Texas Historic Landmark, 1965....

Historical Marker - Adamsville.

Jacobs, H. C. House

First permanent home in Albany. Built 1875 of stone from nearby deposits by Henry Carter Jacobs (1842-94), an organizer and the first sheriff of Shackelford County. A Kentuckian, Civil War veteran, and surveyor, Jacobs platted town of Albany, donated courthouse and Presbyterian church sites, led in ....

Historical Marker - Albany.

Fort Griffin, Frontier Town of

In the 19th century, the U.S. government established forts along Texas' frontier to protect pioneers. By the early 1850s, Col. Jesse Stem farmed along the Clear Fork of the Brazos River, and Thomas Lambshead established his Clear Fork Farm. As others moved to the area, troops at Camp Cooper in prese....

Historical Marker - Albany.

Family Forts, C.S.A.

Few in numbers and with little protection from the military but refusing to abandon their country, certain families of courageous and determined people on the Texas frontier during the Civil War gathered together in hastily constructed stockades and held out against the threats of hostile Indians an....

Historical Marker - Albany.

Shackelford County

First inhabited by nomadic Indian tribes, Shackelford County was created in 1858 and named for Dr. John Shackelford (1790-1857). The first permanent Anglo-American settlers in this area included, J. C. Lynch (1828-1912), a native of Ireland who moved here in 1858; W. H. Ledbetter (1833-84), who arri....

Historical Marker - Albany.

Smith's Station

From 1858 until the outbreak of the Civil War in 1861, a station of the Butterfield Overland Mail Route was located here. Despite a brief existence, it was an important stop of the early stage line that reached from Missouri to California. Stages made the trip in under 25 days, a marked improvement ....

Historical Marker - Albany.

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