Uncovered Texas


Pinnell, Dorsie M.

(June 25, 1875-July 23, 1939) Descendant of a Virginian who fought in the American Revolution. Came to Texas at 17 for health. Served (1898-1899) in Spanish-American War, Co. K, 1st Texas Inf. Vol. Regt. Later took up ranching in Andrews County. Married Jessie Whitten; had 4 sons. Recorded 1968.....

Historical Marker - Andrews.

Snow, Sheriff Joe H.

(1872 - 1920) Born in West Columbia, Texas. Married; had one son. Served as justice of the peace, Precinct 2, 1900-1912. Was appointed deputy sheriff of Brazoria County in 1913; elected sheriff in 1918; reelected for an additional 2-year term. Was killed in line of duty after long horseback chase to....

Historical Marker - Angleton.

Douglass, Freeman W.

Who was among those detailed to guard the baggage at the camp opposite Harrisburg, April 21, 1836. Born in Georgia, December 21, 1822;died in 1875.....

Historical Marker - Angleton.

Coffman Cemetery

This cemetery, which dates to the mid-19th century, is on land donated by early settler John Coffman (1804-1880). His son, George W. Coffman (1840-1913), owned and operated a homestead one mile west of this site. The oldest marked grave dates to 1876. Descendants of many of the families represented ....

Historical Marker - Anna.

Cellum, James

(Star and Wreath) Served in the Army of Texas, 1836.....

Historical Marker - Annona.

Warthan Cemetery

George Washington Warthan came to Texas from Tuscaloosa, Alabama with brothers Thomas I. And Robert J. in 1852. G.W. wed Amanda Johnson, and the couple settled in the Red River Valley in 1855. In 1861, he mustered into Company E of the 32nd Texas Cavalry and during his service saw action in more tha....

Historical Marker - Annona.

Garland Cemetery

Joseph and Martha Starks Wagley came to Red River County from Louisiana in 1833, settling in this area south of present-day Annona. The couple had eight children by the time of Martha's death in 1857, and Joseph later married widow Nancy Ann Coffee, with whom he had an additional two children. He se....

Historical Marker - Annona.

Boyd Chapel Community

Settlements began to develop in Jones County by the mid-1800s, first around the abandoned Fort Phantom Hill site and then around ranches founded in the 1880s and farms established shortly thereafter. At this site in 1895, Reese Davis, Joe Swent and Alex Boyd built the Boyd School. The community that....

Historical Marker - Anson.

Compere Cemetery

"This burial ground is all that remains of the farming community of Compere, established in the 1880s on ranch land sold by the Compere brothers. In 1900, Daniel and Callie Palmer settled in the area along with their children: Henry, Wilder, William, Roman, Vernon, Ford and Norbin. The Palmers deede....

Historical Marker - Anson Vicinity.

Antelope Cemetery

Established as early as 1882 (date of the oldest tombstone). Site was sold to Antelope Methodist Church in 1890 by Texas Land & Mortgage Company. The church deeded tract to the Antelope Cemetery Association in 1954. W. R. Hill gave an additional 2-acre tract in 1955. (1969)....

Historical Marker - Antelope.

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