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Rhoads Family Cemetery

Rhoads Family Cemetery Originally from Tennessee, Abner E. (1820-1910) and Chloe Mays (1824-1886) Rhoads and family came to this area from Kentucky by covered wagon, arriving in 1870. Their son, Moses b. (1845-1916), who was a Methodist circuit rider, schoolteacher and carpenter already living in Te....

Historical Marker - Alvord.

Llano Cemetery

Land for this cemetery was given by T. B. and Hattie M. Clisbee in 1891, although a number of burials had already taken place by that time. The earliest known burial, that of Lillian Morrow, occurred in 1888. According to local legend, she was a child interred here by her westward-traveling family. ....

Historical Marker - Amarillo.

First Cemetery in Potter County

On the old _X (LX), first ranch in Potter County, established in 1877 by W.H. Bates and D.T. Beals, Boston (Mass.) industrialists. The earliest burials occurred after the LX was sold, 1884, to American Pastoral Land and Cattle Company, a British syndicate. First grave was dug for the LX bookkeeper's....

Historical Marker - Amarillo.

Oliver-Eakle, Melissa Dora

A descendant of two prominent 17th-century families in Virginia and Georgia, Melissa Dora Callaway (1860-1931) was a graduate of Georgia Female College. In 1884, she married industrialist Capt. William Oliver. Following his death, she visited her brothers in Amarillo in 1889, purchased land in Potte....

Historical Marker - Amarillo.

St. Paul United Methodist Church

This church was established in 1869 by a group of former slaves who had settled in the rural Double Bayou community. Land at this site was deeded to the congregation in the 1870s by charter member Martha Godfrey, who also donated the original tract of the nearby cemetery. Born about 1812 in Tennesse....

Historical Marker - Anahuac.

Kennard, Anthony Drew

Anthony Drew Kennard served in the Army of Texas 1835; born in Tennessee July 9, 1788; died in 1848; His wife Sallie Moore Kennard, born in Tennessee September 16, 1790; died December 6, 1877....

Historical Marker - Anderson.

Apolonia Cemetery

Known as Pine Grove for the Baptist church that was focus for community in the area, this burial ground was in use in 1860s. Tombstone of Mrs. Harriet Hobdy Kelley is dated 1869, but there may be earlier, unmarked graves. Land donors were (1886) J. L. and Eveline Mansfield. War veterans here: the Co....

Historical Marker - Anderson.

Rocky Hollow Cemetery

In the 1850s, a group of pioneer Black slaves came to this area from Union County, Arkansas, and founded what is now known as the Rocky Hollow Community. This cemetery soon was established on land given by Thomas P. Chapman. Although it was used before the Civil War began, the first marked grave, th....

Historical Marker - Andice.

Fore Cemetery

Wiley Fore and his family came to this area from Alabama in 1883. The Baker community had been started two years earlier by Fore's nephew, Robert Baker, and his family. Soon after his arrival Fore organized the Bethel Cumberland Presbyterian Church and the local chapter of the Grange. In 1884 he don....

Historical Marker - Andice.

Shafter Lake Cemetery

(1.5 miles West) Established just after turn of the century, on the south bank of Shafter Lake, and two miles south of the extinct settlement of Shafter Lake. Named for Colonel William R. Shafter (1835-1906), who led military expedition through region in 1875. It became the resting place for residen....

Historical Marker - Andrews.

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