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Head, A. A. and Susanna

Alanson Asbury (A. A.) Head (1843-1925) and his wife, Susanna Alabama Bethany (1843-1924) built a two-story residence here about 1877. Over the years A. A. and Susanna, known as Uncle Ben and Aunt Sukie, terraced about 300 acres here on which they cultivated various orchards, vineyards, and berry pa....

Historical Marker - Alvarado.

Bethany Rest Cemetery

Bethany Rest Cemetery A small group of settlers from Alabama arrived in the Alvarado area, near Chambers Creek, in 1857. Among them were the Frost, Newby, Murphree and Head families. The family of Sampson and Betty Ann Blakely head settled about a mile north of this site in a community that came to ....

Historical Marker - Alvarado.


Early settler David Mitchell established a trading post near here in the late 1840s, about the time colonists of W. S. Peters' empresario grant began to settle the area. Colonist William Balch, who settled on an area land grant in 1852, was later to become known as the "Father of Alvarado" for his e....

Historical Marker - Alvarado.

Cahill Methodist Church

Nancy and Aquilla Cahill came to Texas in 1859 and settled in this area. The community which grew up around their farm was known as Cahill. In 1893 land for a Methodist church and cemetery was deeded by Sarah E. Snodgrass in memory of her father, Aquilla Cahill. A sanctuary and tabernacle were built....

Historical Marker - Alvarado.

Balch-Senterwood Cemetery

This graveyard was established in 1856 adjacent to the Balch Cemetery for the African American population following the death of a slave girl killed by a black bear. The girl had come to Alvarado with George Sigler and his family, whose farm was located south of the Balch Community Cemetery. Among t....

Historical Marker - Alvarado.

City Cemetery, Old

First cemetery in Alvin. Acquired by city in 1892. Oldest legible inscription (1889) marks grave of pioneer and Civil War veteran G. W. Durant. Many early settlers are buried here, as are several victims of 1900 hurricane. Name changed to Oak Park in 1953. (1966)....

Historical Marker - Alvin.

Confederate Cemetery

Established in the 1990's by John A. Wharton Camp, U. C. V.; burial ground for Confederate veterans and families. After increase of acreage, use of cemetery was extended to public. Veterans of 4 wars; 1900 hurricane victims as well as prominent civic leaders are buried here. (1968)....

Historical Marker - Alvin.

Huff Family Massacre

An atrocity of 1874, in one of last Wise County Indian raids. While C. W. Huff and son worked in remote part of land recently settled by the family, Indians killed Mrs. Huff and daughters, Palestine and Molly. Neighbors buried the scalped and mutilated victims in a wagon bed, in the grave. It is sai....

Historical Marker - Alvord.

Mount Zion Baptist Church & Jonestown Cemetery

In 1833 early settler Andrew Jackson Jones deeded four acres of land to be used for a church and cemetery. The earliest marked grave in the cemetery dates from that year. After the first church building burned in 1893, the members of Mount Zion Baptist Church met in the nearby Jones School until 190....

Historical Marker - Alvord.

Ball Knob Cemetery

Land originally owned by James Ball, Sr. (1789-1867), member of pioneer family. Used as burial ground for family and friends. Deeded 1890, by J.S. and Nancy Ball to Audubon community. Incorporated as cemetery association 1962.....

Historical Marker - Alvord.

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