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Dyess, Lt. Col. William E.

(Aug. 9, 1916 - Dec. 22, 1943) A graduate of Albany High School, William Edwin Dyess was an aviation and infantry commander in the Phillipines during World War II. Captured at the fall of Bataan in 1942, he survived the Death March and escaped his captors a year later. Back in the U.S., his publishe....

Historical Marker - Albany.

Hood Family Cemetery

South Carolina native A.J. Hood (b. 1820) migrated to Cherokee County, Texas, about 1846. Ten years later, after representing that area during two terms of the state legislature, he moved his family here. Hood opened a law office in Weatherford (11 miles northwest) and later served as district judge....

Historical Marker - Aledo.

Annetta Cemetery

Community founder A. B. Fraser was a Confederate soldier who went into exile in Central America rather than declare allegiance to the Union. The Frasers named their daughter, who was born in Honduras, Anneta. The family returned to the U. S. in 1872, settling in Fort Worth, then moved a few miles we....

Historical Marker - Aledo.

Alice Cemetery

This burial ground has served Alice-area residents for more than 100 years, and the story of its genesis and ongoing use involves many individuals in the community’s history. By the late 1880s, Frederic B. Nayer lived in this area, then part of Nueces County. The Collins community had about 2,000 re....

Historical Marker - Alice.

Dodson, Archelaus Bynum

(December 31, 1807-March 10, 1898) Texas patriot famed as man who introduced the Lone Star flag during the Texas Revolution. Born in North Carolina, Dodson came to Texas with his parents in 1827. He served as a delegate to the 1832 Convention seeking governmental reforms. On May 17, 1835, he married....

Historical Marker - Alice.

Rowlett Creek Cemetery

In 1836 Dr. Daniel Rowlett (1786-1848), a Kentuckian, came to Texas with his wife and six other families. Rowlett, a physician, lawyer, surveyor, and politician, settled near present Bonham. He located much of his large 1838 land grant in the fertile area along present Rowlett Creek. After meeting i....

Historical Marker - Allen.

Allen Cemetery

Located on land purchased from Mr. and Mrs. John W. Whisenant, this cemetery was formally established on April 5, 1884, by the International Order of Odd Fellows, local Lodge No. 249. Encompassing almost three acres of land, the cemetery has served the Allen community for over a century. The oldest ....

Historical Marker - Allen.

Nelson, Helena Kimble Dill

(1770 -- 1848) Mother of child thought to have been first Anglo-American born in Texas, in 1804. Helena Kimble was born in Maryland. Married James Dill in 1786. Moved to Nacogdoches, then under Spanish rule, 1793. There he became an Indian trader and served as alcalde (mayor), 1821-1823. He died 182....

Historical Marker - Alto.

Lee, Isaac

(February 8, 1788 -- October 4, 1880) A native of Georgia, Isaac Lee lived in Mississippi and Arkansas before coming to Texas in 1828. He settled first at present San Augustine and later near Nacogdoches. He was a participant in the Battle of Nacogdoches in 1832 and served in the Republic of Texas A....

Historical Marker - Alto.

Mitchell, Robert F.

(Nov. 13, 1801 -- Apr. 10, 1878) Ohio native Robert F. Mitchell came to Nacogdoches County, Texas in 1837. Briefly associated with John Durst in a mercantile firm, Mitchell moved to Cherokee County in 1849 and, soon after, his land on the upland divide between the Neches and Angelina Rivers was used....

Historical Marker - Alto.

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