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Flynt, James Petty

Sheriff of Runnels County 1908-1914; 1920-1924. Elected at age 30. Last man to hold combined post of tax collector-sheriff in county. His activities as law officer included Texas Ranger service in World Wars I and II. He was elected secretary-treasurer of Runnels County Fair Association at its organ....

Historical Marker - Ballinger.

Hoffman Cemetery

Historic Texas Cemetery - 2005 (HTC medallion only)....

Historical Marker - Ballinger.

Walthall Cemetery

This burial ground is the last surviving evidence of Walthall community. Situated west of here, just across the Colorado River, Walthall was the first stable settlement in Runnels County. It was located on land claimed in the 1860s by the John W. Guest family, and surrounded a stagecoach stop on the....

Historical Marker - Ballinger.

Bandera Cemetery

The Bandera Cemetery has served the town of Bandera since the 1850s. The site's oldest burial dates to 1851, before the town's establishment several years later. Many former community leaders of the area are buried in the cemetery. In addition, there are a number of veterans interred here, some invo....

Historical Marker - Bandera.

Clark Family Cemetery

Located on the original homestead of Bandera County pioneer Amasa Clark (1825-1927), this small cemetery contains the graves of several generations of the Clark family. The first recorded burial was that of Clark's first wife, Eliza Jane, in 1883. A veteran of the Mexican War and the first permanent....

Historical Marker - Bandera Vicinity.

Bangs Cemetery

Bangs Cemetery Established 1905 Historic Texas Cemetery - 2002....

Historical Marker - Bangs.

Salem Cemetery

Historic Texas Cemetery - 2005 (HTC medallion only)....

Historical Marker - Bangs.

Mud Creek Cemetery

Named for nearby Mud Creek, this graveyard has served residents of the Thrifty and Fry communities for more than 100 years. The first person known to be buried at the site was infant Martha Blackwell, who died in 1864. However, a rock slab that bears an illegible name indicates the cemetery was used....

Historical Marker - Bangs Vicinity.

Bluntzer, Nicholas

(October 29, 1835-September 5, 1901) A native of the French province of Alsace, Nicholas Bluntzer came to Texas at age nine with his parents and other Alsatian families led by colonizer Henri Castro. The Bluntzer family settled in DeWitt County, in an area along Coleto Creek which would become the t....

Historical Marker - Banquete.

Banquete Cemetery

In June 1832 the colony of Irish families settled along the Nueces River by John McMullen and James McGloin was linked to Mexico by completion of the Matamoros Road. Mexican officials sponsored a Fiesta near this site as a goodwill gesture to the colonists. The village that later grew up here was ca....

Historical Marker - Banquete.

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