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Maltby, William Jeff

(December 7, 1829 - June 27, 1908) A native of Illinois, William Jeff Maltby gained fame as a frontiersman, veteran of the Mexican War and American Civil War and Texas Ranger. Maltby began his Texas exploits about 1850, building frontier forts for the U. S. Army. He retired to Callahan County in 187....

Historical Marker - Baird.

Berry, Captain Andrew Jackson

Born in Indiana May 16, 1816. Died at Baird, Texas July 31, 1899. Veteran of San Jacinto. Officer in the Confederate Army.....

Historical Marker - Baird.

Belle Plaine Cemetery

Residents of the short-lived community of Belle Plaine were burying their dead at this site as early as 1878. Although the presence of unmarked graves suggests earlier possible usage, the oldest marked grave, that of sixteen-year-old Virgil Hill, dates to that year. Belle Plaine residents informally....

Historical Marker - Baird.

Callahan City Cemetery

Established prior to the organization of Callahan County in 1877. Burial place of many pioneers who came here during era of Indians and great early ranches. Served people of such bygone towns as Admiral, Callahan City, and other neighboring communities. (1967)....

Historical Marker - Baird Vicinity.

Stem, Isaac Phillip

(1819-1893) Tennessee native Isaac Phillip Stem enlisted in the Western Frontier Service in that state in 1836. In October 1836 he moved to Texas and joined the Republic of Texas army at Houston. Continuing to serve in the military, Stem was a participant in the Battle of Plum Creek on August 1, 184....

Historical Marker - Bald Prairie.

Bald Prairie Cemetery

A leading citizen, Elijah Rains (1813-1889), who came to Texas from Tennessee in 1848, gave this burial ground to the public. Duck Creek people soon joined the Prairie people in its use. The earliest known burial was Walter Pirtle, date uncertain. The grave of Samuel E. Lightsey (1827-1872) has the ....

Historical Marker - Bald Prairie.

Thompson Cemetery

A native of North Carolina, Benjamin Rush Thompson (1811-1880) migrated to Milam County in the Republic of Texas in 1841. Thompson was a Mason and according to the census of 1850, a Methodist clergyman. He moved his family to Robertson County after 1855. Thompson set aside this portion of his land a....

Historical Marker - Bald Prairie.

Bald Prairie Church of Christ

Organized in 1847, this fellowship worshiped with members of the Baptist church until the groups separated in 1849. A log structure served the 15 charter members of this congregation as a church and school. Elijah Rains (1813-1889) donated land for the church and community cemetery. The present buil....

Historical Marker - Bald Prairie.

Adams, Sylvester

Born in Tennessee, Adams as a youth came to Texas with his father. A firm believer in the Confederate cause, he served at Galveston during the Civil War. He helped organize Runnels County; was first county judge, 1880-1884; also served 1886-1888. He helped plan aid for his drouth-stricken county, 18....

Historical Marker - Ballinger.

Clampitt, J. W.

Pioneer Texas cattleman and law officer. Reared in Denton County, he joined brother-in-law in ranching, 1883-1886. They moved to "free grass" county of Presidio and ran Chalk Valley Ranch. Sometimes had to drive cattle 50 miles to water. On the range, carried their food in typical pioneer "greasy sa....

Historical Marker - Ballinger.

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