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Longhorn Cavern Administration Building

Longhorn Cavern opened as a state park in 1932. From 1934 to 1942, Company 854 of the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) worked here to explore and develop the cavern. Using hand labor and native materials, the CCC workers built this structure in a style now known as National Park Service (NPS) Rusti....

Historical Marker - Burnet.

Longhorn Caverns

Rich in history and folklore. A young geologic formation, only a few million years old. Bones of elephant, bison, bear, deer, other animals have been found here. When white men came to area in 1840's, Indians knew the caverns; Rangers once found and rescued a kidnapped girl from Indians in "Council ....

Historical Marker - Burnet.

Saltpetre Mine, C.S.A.

Important to Texas in waging the Civil War. Site of natural deposits of bat guano, worked in the 1860s to obtain the chief ingredient for gunpowder. Cave inhabited by bats, source of the guano, extends about 23 miles. One room in the great bat den is 585' x 325', and has a 45' ceiling. A narrow gaug....

Historical Marker - Concan.

Butterfield Trail

Eastward U.S. Highway 62-180 in places parallels the famous Butterfield Overland Mail Route, which ran from Tipton, Mo. to San Francisco. Traveling 1200 miles in 14 days, the first stage arrived in El Paso September 30, 1858. Out some 25 miles on this same route is Hueco Tanks, an early day Indian r....

Historical Marker - El Paso.

St. Paul Lutheran Cemetery

In November 1883, residents of the North Grape Creek community, later known as Cave Creek, formed a German Lutheran congregation, which they named St. Paulus Evangelische Gemeinde an Nord Grape Creek. Conrad Herbort gave land for a sanctuary, cemetery and parsonage. The first burial in the cemetery ....

Historical Marker - Fredericksburg.

Gun Cap Factory

In the Civil War, at this site, E. Krauskoff, gunsmith, and Adolph Lungkwitz, silversmith, made gun caps. Inventing machinery, they rolled copper thin and cut it to cap-size pieces. Saltpetre and quicksilver went into the caps, to detonate rifle and pistol ammunition. Saltpetre came from nearby bat ....

Historical Marker - Fredericksburg.

Comanche Peak

Prominent indian and pioneer landmark. Actually a mesa, the peak rises 1,229 feet (above sea level). May have had ceremonial value for local tribes or have been a look-out point for game and enemies. A Comanche trail crossed county in this vicinity. In 1846 whites and indians en route to the so-call....

Historical Marker - Granbury Vicinity.

McDonald Massacre

Pioneer preacher Matthew Taylor and the families of his daughter and two sons moved here in 1863 from their homestead on the Llano River. They built a cabin on this site near the source of the Pedernales River. In August 1864, Matthew and his son Jim returned to the Llano for a load of hay, leaving ....

Historical Marker - Harper.

La Salle, Rene Robert Cavelier, Sieur de

Born in Rouen, France, November 22, 1643. Came to Canada in 1666. Founded a first settlement near Montreal. Led several expeditions on the Great Lakes and the Ohio exploration of the Mississippi, 1682. On July 24, 1684 La Salle sailed from France to establish a colony at the mouth of the Mississippi....

Historical Marker - Indianola.

Fort St. Louis

Thirteen miles southeast of Inez is located the site of Fort St. Louis. First French settlement in Texas attempted by Rene Robert Cavelier Sieur de La Salle in 1685. Devastated by the Karankawa Indians, burned by members of the Alonso De Leon Expedition in 1689. On its remains the Spaniards construc....

Historical Marker - Inez.

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