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Front of Southwestern Cattle Raisers


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Czech Settlers in Hill County

One of the most influential and numerous national groups to settle in Hill County, Czechs came to this area from Fayette County and the province of Moravia in Austria-Hungary. Many sought greater freedom due to barriers to attaining national status in the old country, political restraints, introduct....

Historical Marker - Abbott.


Founded when Santa Fe Railroad was extended from Plainview to Lubbock, 1909. Named for Monroe G. Abernathy (1868-1962), treasurer of South Plains Investment Company, firm which promoted townsite. Community prospered, becoming a major railhead for shipping of cattle. Several buildings from the defunc....

Historical Marker - Abernathy.

Parramore, James Harrison

(August 13, 1840 - July 4, 1917) Born in Georgia to Rebecca (Norwood) and William W. Parramore, James Harrison Parramore moved with his family to Gonzales County in 1849. James attended Gonzales College before joining the Confederate Army. He married Mary Jane Goodson in 1866; they began their life ....

Historical Marker - Abilene.

Merchant, Claiborne Walker

(August 31, 1836 - March 9, 1926) Claiborne W. Merchant and his twin, John, were born in Nacogdoches. "Clabe" married Frances Bell in 1856. He served in the Confederate Army and later became a cattle rancher. Merchant established his first ranch in 1874 in Callahan County and began acquiring land in....

Historical Marker - Abilene.

Fletcher Ranch

In 1878 James Robert Fletcher, his wife, and son Lorenzo Thomas (1868-1939) came here from Granbury. Their caravan included a small herd of cattle and work animals. A carpenter came to construct a two-story ranch house. Fletcher filed for a patent on this land because of the nearby spring-fed creek,....

Historical Marker - Abilene.

Hardin-Simmons University

Organized as Abilene Baptist College by cattlemen, preachers, and Sweetwater Baptist Association in 1891. Named for New York pastor, James B. Simmons, after he donated funds for completing the first building, which housed the president, classes, and women students during school's early years. Men li....

Historical Marker - Abilene.

Hashknife Ranch, Site of the Old Headquarters of the

Place where representative of Texas & Pacific Railroad met local men in 1880 to decide on site for cattle shipping center. As a result, a town was platted here and named Abilene for the famous cattle town in Kansas. Cattlemen meeting with the T. & P. representative were John N. Simpson, Hashknife co....

Historical Marker - Abilene.

Western Cattle Trail, Site of

The main route -1876 to 1887- for several hundred thousand longhorns driven north to stock ranches and Indian reservations and to supply beef market. Was also called Dodge City Trail, for its main terminus; or Fort Griffin Trail, for the site where feeder trails joined. This major branch began in So....

Historical Marker - Abilene.

First Anglican Church Service in the Callahan Area

Alexander Charles Garrett (1832-1924), a native of Ireland, came to Canada as an Anglican Missionary. Later he moved to San Francisco, and then to Omaha, Nebraska. In 1874 he was sent to Dallas as bishop of the Northern Missionary District of Texas. Here he served an area of 100,000 square miles, tr....

Historical Marker - Abilene Vicinity.

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