Uncovered Texas


Tin Top Suspension Bridge


National Register - Tin Top.

Waco Suspension Bridge


National Register - Waco.

US 83 Bridge at Salt & Fork of Red River


National Register - Wellington.

McBride Ranch House

A pioneer settler quarried Alibates dolomite from the canyon rim to build this house, mortared with lime burned on the site. Wood in ridge beams, door and window lintels, ice house, and corral came from old railroad bridge timbers salvaged from Canadian River. The floors are of masonry mortar. The b....

Historical Marker - Amarillo.

Great Spanish Road; First Ranch in Potter County; First Store in Potter County

Near course of the Canadian River, early as days of the American Revolution, men from Santa Fe went past this spot on trips to meet traders from San Augustine, Nacogdoches, and other Spanish towns of East Texas. In 1786, Pedro Vial was commissioned by the Spanish Governor at Santa Fe to establish th....

Historical Marker - Amarillo.

Robinson-Macken House

Built in 1876 for the family of Elizabeth and John Robinson, Sr., this two-and-half-story farm house is fine example of the Second Empire style of architecture coupled with Italianate detailing. Located within the original 1839 Austin town plan draw by Edwin Waller, it is in close proximity to the h....

Historical Marker - Austin.

Travis County


Historical Marker - Austin.

Colorado River Ferry Crossing

Used in 1880s for travel on Ballinger - San Angelo Road. Rates fixed by the county court ranged from one cent for a head of livestock to one dollar for 6 horses and a wagon. Ferry was in use until building of first cedar and pine wood bridge, 1888.....

Historical Marker - Ballinger.


Settlement of this area of Runnels County began at the end of the 19th century. Attracted by the good climate and farmland, Charlie Black (1868-1946) arrived in the area in 1899. Another early settler was Walter Gentry, and when a post office was established in 1906 the community was named in honor ....

Historical Marker - Ballinger.

Polly's Chapel

Named for Policarpo Rodriguez (1829-1914), Texas Ranger, Army Scout and Guide; 1858 Privilege Creek settler. Converted here to Methodist faith, built with his own hands, in 1882, chapel of native stone, where he and others have preached. Recorded Texas Historic Landmark, 1965.....

Historical Marker - Bandera Vicinity.

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