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Medina, Battle of

Texas' bloodiest military engagement -- the Battle of Medina -- may have taken place in this general vicinity in 1813. The early 19th century was a time of political upheaval, and in 1812, while the U.S. was at war with England, Spain faced revolts throughout Latin America, including Mexico. In this....

Historical Marker - Leming.

Dove Creek Battlefield

Around this mountain a battle was fought on January 8, 1865 between 2000 Indians and Texas Rangers and State Troops commanded by Captains John Fossett and S. S. Totten. Four officers and 22 of their men lie in unmarked graves nearby.....

Historical Marker - Mertzon Vicinity.

Indian Battlefield

In this vicinity Lieutenant Frank D. Baldwin, commanding two companies of United States troops, attacked a large band of Indians and rescued two white girl captives, November 8, 1874.....

Historical Marker - Pampa.

Indian Battlefield

At this site, near the pioneer home of George Morgan, a battle took place, January 16, 1839, between settlers in this region and Indians under Chief Jose Maria in which the colonists were defeated. A treaty with these Indians made soon after brought comparative peace to this region.....

Historical Marker - Perry.

Hudson, Edward & John, Conf. Chaplains

Brothers, teachers, Presbyterian ministers. Came to Texas from Arkansas, 1856. Worked and lived in this county. Both are buried in Round Rock Cemetery. In the Civil War, Rev. Edward Hudson in March 1862 joined Co. G, 6th Regiment, Confederate army. Wounded Oct. 1862 in battle of Corinth, was made ch....

Historical Marker - Round Rock.

Sabine Pass

Established in 1837 as Republic of Texas port of entry and customs office. In the Civil War had defenses of one cavalry, one artillery and three infantry companies. guarded shipping against the Federal blockade, admitting to port vital factory goods, guns, gunpowder, medicines. Guarded access to upr....

Historical Marker - Sabine Pass.

Battle of the Alazan

Fought in this vicinity June 20, 1813. One in chain of clashes between Spanish Royalists and insurgent elements in Coahuila and Texas, 1811-1813. Col. Ygnacio Elizondo was ordered to lead his Spanish Royalists force to Frio River -- but no further. Instead, the colonel, having changed sides twice si....

Historical Marker - San Antonio.

El Carmen Cemetery (Cementerio del Carmen)

Numerous 19th-century journals and other written historical accounts trace the origin of this cemetery to the burial of casualities of the Battle of Medina. Fought on August 18, 1813, the battle was the result of a failed attempt by a Republican Army of the North, consisting of about 1200 to 1500 Me....

Historical Marker - San Antonio.

Strawn, Bethel

An 1858 settler and leading citizen of Palo Pinto County. Enlisted 1864 in Co. B. 1st Frontier District, Texas State Troops, in Maj. Wm. Quayle's command. Saw service mainly in keeping down Indian depredations and protecting settlements that were furnishing food, salt, hides, leather and other goods....

Historical Marker - Strawn.

Bird Creek Battlefield

Named in honor of Captain John Bird who lost his life here May 26, 1839 With only 34 Texas Rangers he met 240 Indians at this point, and routed them.....

Historical Marker - Temple.

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