Uncovered Texas


Bailey, Gus

Leader, Hood's Texas Brigade Band. His wife Mollie smuggled notes and quinine past enemy in her hair. Baileys' postwar shows still flew Confederate flag. 1869 and afterwards, Gus and Mollie and nine children headquartered circus in Blum. Owned show lots in 100 towns of Texas. Ex-Confederates saw the....

Historical Marker - Blum.

Potter, Andrew Jackson

(1830 - 1895) Born in Missouri. Orphaned at age 10, was a jockey, gambler, ruffian. Fought in Mexican War, 1846-47. Was a Texas Ranger later. Converted in a camp meeting, he learned to write and became a Methodist minister. Served 4 years in the Confederate Army. Like any chaplain, had pay and ratio....

Historical Marker - Boerne.

Adobe Walls, Battle of

Fifteen miles to the site of the BATTLE OF ADOBE WALLS Fought on November 25, 1864 between Kiowa and Comanche Indians and United States troops commanded by Colonel Christopher Carson, 1809-1868. This was "Kit" Carson's last fight. (1936)....

Historical Marker - Bolger.

Johnston, Albert Sidney

(February 2, 1803 -April 6, 1862) Kentucky native Albert Sidney Johnston graduated from the U. S. Military Academy at West Point in 1826. He was assigned to posts in New York and Missouri, and served in the Black Hawk War in 1832. He resigned his commission in 1834 to return to Kentucky to care for ....

Historical Marker - Bonney.

Bents Creek

Named for Charles (1799-1847) and William Bent (1809-1869), famed for frontier trading with mountain men and "wild" Indians. As early as 1835 they came from their headquarters near present La Junta, Colorado, to trade with the Kiowas and Comanches along the Canadian River, in this vicinity. They bui....

Historical Marker - Borger.

McCulloch County

Created Aug. 27, 1856. One of 128 counties formed from Bexar County that extended from the Rio Grande to the Panhandle, and as far west as El Paso. Named for Texas hero, Ben McCulloch, who fought in Texas Revolution, Indian, Mexican and Civil Wars. Indian and frontier hazards made growth slow and 20....

Historical Marker - Brady.

McCulloch, General Ben, C.S.A.

Distinguished Ranger, frontier surveyor, Indian fighter, lawman, statesman and military commander. Born in Tennessee. Followed David Crockett to Texas to fight in War for Independence. Commanded one of the "Twin Sisters" cannon in the Battle of San Jacinto, April 21, 1836. Served in the Congress of ....

Historical Marker - Brady.

Indian Battle, Site of

On November 21, 181 James Bowie, Rezin P. Bowie, David Buchanan, Cephas D. Hamm, Matthew Doyle, Jesse Wallace, Thomas McCaslin, Robert Armstrong, James Coryell with two servants, Charles and Gonzales, held at bay for a day and a night, 164 Caddos and Lipans. After 80 warriors had been killed, the In....

Historical Marker - Brady Vicinity.

Austin, John, Site of the Home of

Member of Long's Expedition in 1819. Pioneer settler in Austin's colony. Alcalde of Brazoria, 1832. Commander at the Battle of Velasco. Signer of the Turtle Bayou Resolutions; died in 1833....

Historical Marker - Brazoria.

Owings, Thomas Deye

Thomas Deye Owings was born to John Cockey and Colegate Dye Owings on March 7, 1776 at Cockeysville, a suburb of Baltimore, Maryland. The family had met with success as colonial tobacco planters and as partners in the Bourbon Iron Furnace in Kentucky. In 1795, Thomas left his wife and young son in M....

Historical Marker - Brenham.

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